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A Little Release (v2.15.1)

Following the last big update involving the introduction of linked notes, we bring you a smaller release, where we have tidied up some WriteUpp features and patched a few bothersome bugs.


Change password function

To help increase the security of your account, we will now ask you to enter your old password when changing your WriteUpp password in Settings -> My Settings. Only once you have entered your old password correctly, will we accept the new one.

Ordering of existing notes when creating a new one

When creating a new note, you have the option to view existing notes. These existing notes are now ordered by create date, to match the ordering of notes in the patient summary following the recent linked notes update.

When adding a linked file under Create -> Attachment, we were previously performing a validation check on the URL entered to ensure it was accessible. We’ve now removed this check as it was preventing some valid URLs from being linked, for example, a private file from your own external storage drive. As we will no longer be checking these URLs upon linking them to your WriteUpp site, the onus will be on you to ensure the URL is entered correctly!

Appointment trigger last changed information

To help with any queries about automated appointment communication, we’ve added a “Last Amended” column to the grid of appointment triggers under Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication:

The date and time of the last change to the trigger will be recorded here. If no "last amended" information is displayed, the last change to the trigger was prior to 07/07/22, when tracking on this will begin. If you need any help with what changes were made, please do get in touch with the team, where we can provide more information on what change was made.

Bug Fixes

When creating notes, if a linked appointment was selected and then the client switch function was used to change the client who the note was for, the linked appointment date was not removed from the field. It would have needed manually removed before selecting an appointment related to the new client. We’ll now clear the linked appointment field if the client is switched.
The quick invoice option was available to both regular and restricted users on the diary List view. Although they could not use this option, it has been removed.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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