In this week's WriteUpp release, we're bringing you the ability to edit a pre-built responsive assessment form, an improved document viewer and other small improvements. We've also addressed a couple of bugs. Here's what we've been up to:


Ability to edit a pre-built assessment form

We've added the ability to edit any of the pre-built responsive assessment forms you can access via the assessment store, to allow you to customise these to your own specifications.

You won't be able to duplicate and edit any of the older Classic style assessment forms

To edit a pre-built assessment, you'll first need to duplicate the original form. To do this, make sure you've added the form to your assessment collection, then click on the three dots at the end of the row and choose Duplicate:

This will make a custom copy of the form for you, listed underneath the original. You'll then be able to edit the copied version by clicking on the three dots, and choosing Edit:

You can then make the required changes before clicking on Publish & Exit to publish your version of the form for use with your clients.

Top Tip: If you make changes to an assessment template that you don't then see reflected when completing it with an active client, find your assessment within Settings -> Assessments. Open it by choosing Edit from the three dots menu and click on Publish & Exit. This should publish any changes made to the form and you should see these if you return to Create -> Form/Assessment and open it again

Improved document viewer for Word documents within client files

We've integrated a new document viewer within the Files tab of the Client Summary in order to improve the way in which heavily formatted Word documents are displayed within WriteUpp. This should ensure they now display correctly and in full on screen.

Note: You may occasionally see Word documents displayed with incorrect formatting if you open the file immediately after uploading it. This might also be the case with an existing file, once you open it for the first time after this WriteUpp release. If this is the case, please wait a few minutes before attempting to view the file again, to allow the document viewer to finish processing the content and formatting of your information.

Additional phonetic symbols

We've added some additional phonetic symbols to the table accessed here when creating a note:

The table now contains these symbols:

Added 'Smart Forms' heading from the Favourite Forms list

When viewing your list of favourite forms, we've added an extra heading to highlight the way in which you would send a smart form to a client:

If you'd like to send a form to a client to be completed and returned to you, you should click on the symbol within this column and follow the steps displayed.

Ability to manually send an SMS to additional client contacts

If the next of kin linked to a client's record has a mobile number listed in their information, you'll now see this included on the list of contacts when going to Create -> Message -> SMS.

Bug fixes

When adding a new note template, the created template was not being saved, and changes to existing note templates were also not saving. This has been resolved.
When editing an appointment within either day or week view in the diary, for example changing the status, any changes were not being saved in cases where the patient's name was more than 32 characters in length. This has been fixed.
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