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Adding a custom signature field to an assessment form

WriteUpp's Form Builder includes a Signature field for you to use when creating assessment forms, which easily allows clients to mark their signature electronically.

Alternatively, the previous workaround is still available for you to use. This involves using an annotation field to upload your own image, which clients then use the toolbar options to 'sign'.

Uploading your own custom image allows you to choose the background of the signature field, and the size presented to clients.

Note: If your clients complete an assessment form online, the size of the image will be optimised depending on their device and screen size

By using either the inbuilt signature field or an annotation field, a signature can be obtained on a touch screen device such as an iPad or a mobile phone using your finger or a stylus and can also be obtained on a desktop computer using the cursor/mouse. 

To add a custom signature field to an assessment form:

Go to Settings -> Assessments

To add a signature field to an existing form, click on the three dots at the end of the row containing a custom form and choose Edit:

Under Add new layout pick Full Width or Split View

 Click on Add New Field then select Annotation

Give your field a name, such as Signature*

You'll then need to upload an image to use as the background of your signature field.  It'll need to be saved locally on your computer and then uploaded. To upload your image, click on Choose Image and select the file from your computer

Click Finish Editing

Once you've added all the fields to your form, click on Publish & Exit

To complete the form with the patient go to Create -> Form/Assessment, and select the form from the list.

When creating a new form, just follow steps 3-7 to add an annotation field that you can use to record a signature.  Instead of selecting the form at step 8 by opening it, click on the arrow symbol under the Smart Form heading and follow the steps on screen.

Please note that annotation fields can't be edited within the WriteUpp app.  If you'd like to obtain a signature it will need to be done via the web based version of WriteUpp accessed using the internet browser on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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