In today's release, we've added custom fields as smart fields, along with some other additional smart field options! We've also increased the length of the title field, along with some other improvements and bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:

New features

Custom fields as smart fields

Any fields you have created as custom fields on the client summary are now available as smart fields within assessment forms 🎉

When creating or editing a form, you'll see your custom fields at the bottom of the Field dropdown when adding the "Smart" field type, prefixed by the text CF:

Any active custom fields set up within your WriteUpp account will be displayed in the dropdown, any deactivated custom fields will not.

As with all other smart field types, clients will be able to add information to a custom field when completing a smart form, which can be then imported to the client summary within WriteUpp!

Custom smart fields are formatted in the same way as they are on the client summary, so will allow clients to add up to 250 characters in a text entry field. They can't be modified to a different format like a tick box.

You can read more about using custom fields as smart fields here.

Other additional smart fields

We've also added the following fields from the client summary as smart fields:

Other address
Other city
Other postcode
Hospital number
National insurance number
Other information

You'll now see these as an option when adding a smart field to a form template:

If you use the WriteUpp app on either an Apple or Android device, you'll also need to download an updated version of the app from your app store. The updated app is v3.0.0, and should be available over the course of the next few days, so keep an eye on your available updates!


Increased "Title" field length

We've increased the size of the Title field on the client summary to 20 characters.

Viewing long choices when completing a smart form online

When completing a smart form online, longer answers to single and multiple choice questions appeared to be cut off, particularly when using a smaller screened device. The text will now 'wrap' on the screen, so that the full answer is displayed to clients:

New job role added

Spinal Surgeon has been added to the job role dropdown.

Bug fixes

When working with the Xero integration, the "Go To WriteUpp" button was not showing at the top of the invoice within Xero. This has been resolved for any invoices exported going forwards. Unfortunately any previously exported invoices which do not show this button will remain without it.
Some overdue task notifications were not displaying in the notifications dropdown if they were created more than 30 days prior to the due date. This has been fixed
In some cases, the notification of a Stripe payment wasn't displaying the payor name. This has been corrected.
Some previously uploaded treatment images were not showing in online booking when viewing the appointment types carousel. This has been fixed and these should now be visible.
When emailing a part payment for payment via Stripe, using the pay link within the body of the email (rather than in the invoice footer) was not linking to the part payment. This has been resolved.
When printing the diary list view, the date was no longer visible at the top of the page. This has been fixed.
The non-invoiced appointment export to excel was also capturing and exporting the menu options from the final column. These have been removed from the exported file.
When using Google Chrome, you might have noticed some fields throughout WriteUpp appearing to run into each other. This has been corrected.
On some occasions, changing the status of an appointment after choosing Create -> Invoice was failing to save the updated status. This has been fixed.
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