In this week's WriteUpp release, we're introducing automatic numbering of appointments within an episode and auto-save on smart forms, along with some other improvements and bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:

New Feature

Numbering of appointments within an episode

We've added automatic numbering of appointments within a treatment episode, which will count the number of client-attending appointments within that episode. Appointments with a status of client attending = no, will not be included. This numbering will be displayed as the 'Session number' of an appointment.

You'll see the session count displayed in three places within WriteUpp:
The appointment modal when booking or viewing an appointment
The Appointments tab of the client summary
The appointment details page for each appointment

You can read more about the numbering of appointments here.


Auto-save added to smart forms being completed online

We've added auto-save to smart forms as they're being completed online by clients. Clients won't notice anything when filling out a form, but it should ensure that if a session times out, or if anything happens to disrupt a clients internet connection, they'll retain the majority of the information they've previously entered. Information will be saved in the background once a minute.

If clients are completing a form online, and are redirected back to the screen asking for their access code, they will be able to enter the code again and resume completing the form from the point of the last auto-save.

Additional file type uploads enabled

We've added the ability to upload .odp, .odt and .ods files to the client summary via Create -> Attachment. Once uploaded, .odp and .odt files can be viewed within WriteUpp. .ods files will need to be downloaded to view, but you'll see a prompt on screen to do this.

Added ISC codes

Following a request from a user, the following codes have been added to the list of ISC codes accessed via the Main Menu -> Fields -> ISC:

11320 - Out Patient Consultation (exceeding 40 minutes)
20355 - Initial out-patient consultation - Remote]
20365 - Follow up out-patient consultation - Remote

Additional Ethnicity choice added to the client summary

Following a request from a user, British Asian has been added as an option to the Ethnicity dropdown on the client summary.

Ability to hide the discount code field within online booking

If you have discount codes set up within WriteUpp and pre-payment switched on within online booking, you now have the ability to choose whether the discount code field is visible to your clients.

Within the online booking admin area under Settings -> Main Info, you'll see an additional switch called Show discount code:

Toggling this switch to the right so it appears green, as above, will show the discount code field to your clients. Toggling the switch to the left will hide the discount code field.

Note: As the discount code field is linked to pre-payment within online booking, it won't show if pre-payment has been switched off, regardless of how the discount code switch is toggled.

Validation on image size within online booking

We've added information to the online booking admin area on the image size that can be uploaded to represent users, treatments or marketing promotions. Images can be up to 4MB in size. If you upload an image larger than this, you'll see a message on screen to advise that it is too big:

Practice telephone number within online booking

The Practice Telephone number field within the online booking admin area is no longer a mandatory field. If you don't wish to display a contact number to clients, this field can now be left blank.

Bug Fixes

Saving an assessment was erroring if the new signature field was left blank. This has been fixed.
When mapping accounts to Xero, account mappings were not being saved correctly if different accounts were being selected from the dropdown boxes for Appointments and Expenses. This has been corrected.
When using the Xero bulk contact mapper, whilst clients were being correctly mapped and created in Xero, the name of the last created client was showing in the dropdown box against each row. This is no longer the case.

Other News

When logging into WriteUpp, you might notice a new message on screen regarding using WriteUpp in another browser:

This means that we've detected that you're using an out of date browser. It’s not that you can’t use your current browser, so please don't worry! For the smoothest possible experience and to ensure that you can access all of the fantastic features in WriteUpp, we do recommend updating to an up to date version.

You can read more about what browser you should use to run WriteUpp here.

If you are using Internet Explorer to access WriteUpp, please user Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead. We can't guarantee that WriteUpp will function as it should if used in Internet Explorer, as it is no longer supported by Microsoft.
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