This release focuses on how you, as a WriteUpp user can help shape and improve WriteUpp via our brand new feature request portal (hosted by Canny.) Here's what we been up to:

New Feature

New "Feature Request" Portal

Accessed directly from within WriteUpp, the new feature request portal will not only provide you with a level of transparency over the requests we receive, it’ll also make it easier for us to identify the features that will really make a difference to the WriteUpp community. 

To log a feature request, click on the new icon to the right of your username, then "Visit Portal"

You can learn more about how to submit or vote on a feature request here, and all about how we manage feature requests here.  

Please note, support requests should still be handled through live chat or as normal. 


User names in WriteUpp and display name in online booking

If a display name in online booking is different to the user name in WriteUpp, the user name within WriteUpp will now appear in smaller text to the right of the display name of that user within Online booking:

Bug Fixes

Inserting a URL into an email template was replacing https with http. This has been fixed.
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