This small release contains a number of bug fixes, including to the Stripe payments workflow and the client summary Privacy tab, and some other news! Here's what we've been up to:

Bug fixes

A small number of issues have been reported regarding Stripe payments that were impacted by SCA changes. They occurred as a result of a difference in the workflows between payments that required 3D Secure (3DS) validation and those that didn’t. This has been resolved and should not happen again.

When accessing the Privacy tab of the client summary, an error was being displayed for some clients. This has been fixed.

When performing an access request, consent forms within the resultant file contained the variable placeholder text rather than the populated client information. This has been resolved.

When sending an email with a subject of more than 50 characters, a failed to send email message was being displayed but the email was still sent. The sent email also wasn't saved to the messages tab of the relevant client summary. A 50 character limit has been applied to the email subject line to resolve this.

With client visibility set to "Visible to responsible user", when booking an appointment for a client with a user who is NOT responsible to them, it was possible for the non-responsible user to access information on the client via the "Appointment booked for you" notification. This shouldn't have been possible and has been fixed. Non-responsible users with a role other than site administrator will see an error message if they click on an "Appointment booked for you" notification and the client is assigned to another user.

Some password protected PDF documents within the Files tab were not opening properly within WriteUpp and needed to be downloaded in order to view them. This has been resolved, you should now see the box to enter the password as usual and be able to view the file within WriteUpp.

Other news

Caseload view

The link to the old caseload view has been removed from Main Menu -> Caseload. The new views should be used for caseload information going forwards.

Pre-built assessment forms

We've been working to add more assessment forms to the pre-built responsive options within the assessment store, as we move towards phasing out the older "Classic" style forms. The most recent new additions are CORE-OM and CORE-10 templates, which you can read more about here.

If there are any standard forms that you feel would be useful to have within the assessment store, please do submit these as a feature request.

Many of the standardised forms out there come with licensing and/or copyright conditions attached when it comes to adding them within software, but if a form is suggested and we feel it would benefit the wider WriteUpp community, we'll investigate those conditions. There's no guarantee we'll receive permission but we'll explore the possibility. You do also have the option to recreate forms for your own use using the form builder.
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