Reminders can be scheduled to be sent at the following timescales prior to an appointment:

1 hour before
2 hours before
1 day before
2 days before
3 days before
5 days before
7 days before

You can change when your reminders are sent by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication, clicking on the three dots at the end of a row containing a reminder communication and choosing Edit:

Using the When? dropdown box, you can choose when you would like the reminder sent:

You can also add multiple reminders for each appointment.  For example, you might want to send an email reminder 7 days prior to an appointment, and then an SMS 1 day beforehand.  You'd just have to set up two communication triggers using the desired combination of options. 

Please note that reminders are saved against the appointment at the time it is booked.  If you set up a new reminder, any appointments already in the diary will not be sent that reminder.  They will only be sent communications that were present at the time of booking.  

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