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Can I populate the client summary from information provided by a client?

You can populate certain fields of the client summary using 'Smart' fields that have been added to a form template to capture client demographics. The fields that can be populated from a smart form are:

First Name
Date of birth (in the format dd/mm/yyyy)
Home address
Other address
Other City
Other postcode
Hospital number
National Health number
Home phone
Work phone
Mobile phone
Next of Kin Name
Next of Kin Relationship
Next of Kin phone number
Next of Kin mobile number
Next of Kin email
Next of Kin address
Next of Kin city
Next of Kin Postcode
Other information

Only information contained within smart fields can be imported to the client summary, so you'll firstly need to add smart fields to your assessment template(s).

Once forms containing smart fields have either been completed by you within WriteUpp or by your clients as a smart form, you'll see the option to import information from these fields into the client summary.

When populating a clients mobile phone number and email address from a smart field, these will both be opted in to automated appointment communications on the client summary

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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