Yes you can! You can use an automated appointment communication to send a message to a patient who DNA's an appointment, meaning you don't have to manually compose and send a message.  

This is done by using the trigger event Change Appointment Status and specifying that the message should be sent when an appointment status is changed to Did Not Attend (or the status you use to indicate a missed appointment).   

To set this up:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication and click on Create New Communication Trigger

Choose your Delivery Type from the dropdown box and then click on Manage templates:

Click on +Add Template:

Give your template a name and add the information you'd like to be sent to your patient then click Save Template:

You'll see the new template on the list and can click on Back to Message to finish setting it up:

Delivery Type - Either SMS or Email
Message Template - The template created above for use with the delivery method
Trigger Event - Change Appointment Status
Change Status to - Did Not Attend (or the status you have set up to indicate a missed appointment)
When - Will remain Immediate

Then Save:

Your new communication will be added to the list:

And if an appointment status is changed to 'Did Not Attend', the defined message will be sent to the patient:
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