In light of the current ever-changing situation with Coronavirus, we thought it might be helpful to gather together some information on how you might communicate changes to your client base over the coming weeks.  

Bulk email:

If you'd like to send an email to all of your clients, you can do this by exporting your client list to a program like Mailchimp. The full process is covered step by step in the below article:

How do I export to Mailchimp?

Alternatively, you can export a list of current open clients by going to Main Menu -> Caseload within WriteUpp, and choosing Open Episode.  You'll again be able to export this list to CSV and import it into your chosen program. 

Mailchimp offer a free pricing plan ideal for beginners so even if it's not something you currently use, it might be worth looking into to help you handle communications for the coming months. 

If you don't want to use a bulk email program, you can simply copy and paste the email addresses from these files into the BCC field of your chosen email client.  If you do this, please be sure to use the BCC field and not To as this will reveal all of your clients email addresses to the other recipients.

Confirmations and reminders:

You might also like to add additional information to your confirmations and reminders over this period.  You can follow the steps to edit SMS templates here and see how to edit email templates here

There is a size limit to the email templates you can set up within WriteUpp. In terms of plain text, this is around 8,000 characters but images, spacing and HTML all impact the size of templates.  We appreciate that this may be frustrating and are working to improve the way that this is handled for the future.  If you encounter a message that a template is too big, we would suggest initially removing any images or logos you have inserted.

Day by day:

If you're planning to contact clients as and when required, you can set templates that you can use when the need arises by going to Create -> Message within WriteUpp. You can find guidance on setting up an email template here and an SMS template here that can be used via this pathway. 

Online booking:

For those of you who use online booking, you could add additional information to the text your clients see on your online booking homepage. You can do this by going to your online booking admin area in one of two places: 

Add it to the welcome text at the top of the page
Use one of the two promotion boxes at the foot of the page

I appreciate that there's a whole lot of information there but I hope it is useful and proves helpful in implementing and communicating your own contingency plans during this time.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us on or grab us on live chat if you need a hand with anything.
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