Setting up a confirmation of a video consultation allows you to confirm the details of the appointment and automatically provide your client with their secure video access link, all in one message! Saving you the time it would take to provide this manually to a client, they simply have to click on the link at the specified time to join you in the online "room".

We have provided a default template for you to use when confirming a video consultation, for both SMS and email. You can of course modify this template to suit your needs, or create your own template to use. You can see the content of the default templates listed here for SMS and here for email.

If you joined WriteUpp after 23/04/2020, this is one of the predefined communications built into WriteUpp for you. If you don't see it on your list of communication triggers, just follow the steps below!

To set up a video consultation confirmation:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication:

Click on Create New Communication Trigger:

Choose the delivery method. I'm going to set up an email confirmation in this example:

Choose your message template using the dropdown list:

If you need to make changes to a message template at this point, just click on Manage Templates to the right of the dropdown box

Choose the trigger event, which will need to be New video appointment - single:

Confirmations are always sent immediately, so there's nothing to change for this dropdown

Hit Save:

You'll see the new communication trigger added to the list:

To set up an SMS confirmation as well, simply choose SMS as the delivery method in step 3 and follow the same steps from there

Once this is set up, when you book a video consultation, the specified message will be sent:

This applies to appointments booked within the web-based version of WriteUpp or within the app. If you'd like to send a confirmation to a client who books online, this is addressed separately. You'll also need to set up a separate confirmation for any recurring video appointments that are booked.
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