This WriteUpp release introduces a new feature that's been requested by our users, some related improvements to managing discounts and a shortcut to downloading an attachment. Here's what we've been up to:

New Features

Discount Codes

As requested by you, we've added the ability to set up and apply a discount code to an appointment within both WriteUpp and Online Booking. For example, if you'd like to give a longstanding patient a discount on their next appointment or if you'd like to offer a promotion on a new service, you'll be able to set up a specific discount code to use for this purpose.

If you offer gift vouchers, you could create a discount code to reflect the value of the voucher (either as a value or as a percent), and add this code to any vouchers you provide to patients or prospective patients.

You'll be able to use discount codes in two different ways:

Within WriteUpp - You'll be able to apply the discount code to an appointment by choosing the discount from a dropdown list when generating an invoice.
Within Online Booking - You'll also be able to provide the discount code to your patients for use in Online Booking if you have appointment prepayment switched on.

Note - Patients booking and paying for their own appointment via online booking won't be able to use a discount code that reduces the cost of the appointment to £0. This is due to the This is due to the method used to apply the discount to an appointment, and the fact that it is linked to payment of an appointment during the online booking process. We're investigating how we might be able to handle this going forwards

The below articles will cover everything you need to know about discount codes:

Creating a discount code

Applying a discount to an invoice

Apply a discount code in online booking

Tracking discount codes


Choice in the way a discount is added

We've added a setting to allow you to define how a discount is applied to an item on an invoice if you have a VAT rate set in WriteUpp. In particular, this will change the way a numeric discount is applied, eg £10. You can now choose between applying a discount to the price of an item before VAT is applied, or apply the discount to the total cost including the VAT.

Prior to this release, discounts were applied by default to the price excluding VAT but some clinicians may want to calculate a discount on the VAT inclusive price of appointments. To change the way your discounts are calculated, head to Settings -> Invoice -> Basics and change this settings to your preferred method:

You'll also be able to change this against an individual item when you generate an invoice. Discounts are managed by clicking on the three dots menu against an item, selecting Edit and choosing whether to apply a predefined discount code or a numeric/percentage discount. You'll be able to toggle the method of calculation here and see the effect of the change:

Please note that if you have VAT set and apply a numeric discount, changing the method of calculation will change the total cost your patient will pay.

Changing the toggle against an appointment will also change the central setting to whatever you select

You can read more about the two calculations and the way they're worked out here.

Change to the way a line item is edited when generating an invoice

As a result of the addition of discount codes, and the ability to change how a discount is applied, we've changed how you edit a line item when generating an invoice. Previously, you would be able to edit the price, discount and VAT rate applied to the line item by just clicking into the relevant box, with a percentage discount applied by choosing that option from the three dots at the end of the row:

Going forwards, any changes to the price, VAT rate or discount applied to an item in an invoice will be made by clicking on the three dots menu and choosing Edit:

Quick Download link for Attachments

We've added a download icon to the Files tab of the Patient Summary, allowing any attachments to be downloaded without opening. This is particularly useful for heavily formatted Word documents containing layered images and text. The document viewer built into WriteUpp occasionally struggles to display these properly, or even open them on occasion, although they are uploaded and saved correctly. Downloading the file will allow it to be viewed in its entirety.

Going forwards, we will investigate how we can further enhance the document viewer to allow documents like this to be displayed fully within WriteUpp.
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