Yes, text credits are required for two reasons:

When you activate 2FA (as a Site Admin) and/or setup 2FA (as a user) we need to verify your mobile number. To do this we send you a verification text with a 4 digit code that you need to enter into WriteUpp. This is one-time process and ensures that the number we have for you is a) valid b) in your possession c) capable of receiving your six digit code via text if you are unable to access the authenticator app.

If you are unable to access the authenticator app on your phone (for whatever reason) you can request the code to be sent to your mobile via text.

If you already use text credits for SMS confirmations, reminders or online booking then the relatively small number of text credits that are likely to be required for 2FA (as described above) will be deducted from your text credit balance.

If you don't use text credits you can buy a small bundle of 50 credits - How much do text credits cost?

Please keep in mind that the number of text credits required will increase if:

you have a large user population
your users frequently request their codes via SMS rather than using the authenticator app
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