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Enhanced online booking notification and other improvements (v2.16.1)

Following feedback, we have implemented two new features and made a number of improvements in this release. Read below for more information and as always, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about what's included in this release!

New Features

Online Booking - ‘Notify additional users’ Switch

In Online Booking, we’ve added a new setting to allow users to be notified of any booking made, rather than just the user that an appointment is booked with. This might be useful if you have an admin team that you want to be notified of any online bookings made.

In the online booking admin area, you’ll now see a ‘Notify additional users’ switch, which when turned on, allows other users on the site to be selected to receive an email to notify them of any online booking.

If ‘Notify additional users’ is turned on in here, you then must also go to the individual users settings in OB and switch on ‘Notify user when online booking is made for any user on site’ for the users you would like to be notified:

This gives you greater control over which users are notified when online booking appointments are made. If you want all your users to be notified of all bookings, simply go to the Users tab in the online booking admin area and turn on this switch for all listed users! The email sent will state which user has received a booking, and basic details on that appointment:

The previous “Receive email notifications for every appointment that is booked” setting has been renamed “Notify the booked user” to make it clear that this is what it does, and will continue to send the booked user a notification of the appointment regardless of the “Notify additional users” settings. Duplicate notifications won’t be sent to a user if they receive a booking and are also set to receive notification of all appointments, we’ll only send the message once.

Mandatory Annotations and Signature Fields in Assessment Forms

It is now possible to make signature and annotation fields mandatory when creating/editing assessment forms in the form builder. By making a field mandatory, it means users cannot save the form until that field has been completed. Similarly, if you send an assessment to a client as a smart form, they will not be able to submit it back to you until all mandatory fields have been completed.

This may be particularly useful if you require a signature from a patient or if you need to ensure an annotation is completed by a client.

As a Site Administrator, simply go to Settings -> Assessments and click ‘Create new assessment form’ to get started on a new form. Alternatively, you can edit any existing custom forms to make annotation or signature fields already in them mandatory. If you want to do this for any responsive forms, simply duplicate them and then edit the copy!

To make any field in the form builder mandatory, simply tick the "Mandatory" box underneath the field name:


Improved Virus Scanning on Attachment Uploads

As a security measure to further protect the files and data that are held within WriteUpp, any attachments you upload to a patient record within WriteUpp will now be scanned for viruses before being saved. If you upload something and a virus is detected, you’ll be sent a notification to let you know:

This will also be highlighted in the status column of the Files tab:

The virus scanner will also check any older attachments on the patient summary if they are accessed by a user.

If we have detected a virus within an attachment uploaded to WriteUpp, you will see the following pop-up when you attempt to view it:

Please note that any files that are detected to contain a virus will not be viewable within WriteUpp. However you will still be able to download the file in order to view it on your own device. If you would like to retain a copy of the file, we suggest you download it and save it to your device. Please do this at your own risk. You will also have the option to remove the file from your WriteUpp account by clicking Remove. If you choose to remove the file, it will be permanently deleted.

Smart Forms sent with no Access Codes

Some users reported that when clients were saving smart forms sent with no access codes, they were being redirected to the access code screen and asked for an email access code to continue. This was happening if the form was saved more than an hour after it was opened, as the session to complete a form only lasts for an hour. We’ve made a change to ensure that clients are not redirected to the access code screen if a form has been sent with no code.

When completing forms, clients will see a warning on screen 55 minutes after the form is opened:

If they are not ready to save the form, they must click on Continue here to extend the time they have to complete the form. If they click on Cancel, their session will end after 60 minutes.

Once the session has ended, they will see this message on screen:

If the client tries to save a form after the session has ended, they will see this message at the top of the form and will need to start again:

For security reasons, forms sent with no access code do not autosave as the client completes them. This means that if their session ends before they have saved the form, they will lose any information they have entered. If you are sending long forms, we strongly recommend that you use access codes via email or SMS to ensure that if a client's session ends before they complete a form, they can return to the information they previously entered without having to start again.

Change Appointment Type History Log

If you change the appointment type of a booked appointment, this will now be recorded in the Appointment History log, similar to when you change the status of an appointment. The entry will tell you what the appointment type was and what it has changed to, as well as who made the change.

If the new appointment type is longer or shorter in time than the old type, then there will be a second entry. This entry states the original start and end times of the appointment followed by the new end time due to the change in appointment type.

Job Role Improvements

When adding users to your WriteUpp account, you’re prompted to specify their job role before saving their information, which can then be inserted as a variable to documentation and communications from WriteUpp. To ensure you can accurately define the job role of your users if it’s not included as an option, we’ve added an extra field to a user profile if “other” is selected as the job role. This field allows you to enter a job role of up to 120 characters which will then be used throughout WriteUpp:

We’ve also renamed the “User speciality” variable in the VAR list to “User job role”, it’ll work in exactly the same way, and pull through any custom job roles you have entered against your users.

You can also update the job roles for any of your existing users by going to Settings -> Users -> Edit profile, changing the job role to “other” and then entering the custom job role in the field that appears.

Ordering of Appointments under Data Export

Under Tools -> Data Export -> Appointments, you can export, to excel or CSV, a list of all the appointments you have ever recorded within WriteUpp.

Previously, this list of appointments was not ordered in any particular way. To make it easier for you to view, navigate and analyse your appointment data, this list is now ordered from newest to oldest. This ordering is also retained when you export the data to excel or CSV.

Online Booking Warning Banner

On your Online Booking site, clients can use the team carousel to select ‘Find their next appointments’ for a specific user, which takes them to the available slots for the default online booking appointment type with that user.

However, if the user they select isn’t a resource for the default appointment type (which is the top appointment listed in the online booking admin area under “treatments”), then a red banner now appears to inform the client that this user has no availability for that appointment type and they should therefore adjust the filters.

We are looking to improve this functionality, so you can select a default appointment type for each user individually that is used for this search - watch this space for that update!

Organisation Address Lookup Field

The address lookup field, which is present when creating/editing a patient profile, so you can search for an address, has now also been added under Settings -> Organisation for when you’re adding an Organisation address. This means you can use the lookup field to quickly search for the correct address. Clicking on it from the search dropdown will then populate the address and postcode fields for you!

We have also added this functionality for when you’re adding new locations or editing existing ones. Simply use the lookup to quickly search for and select the appropriate address.

Xero Contact Mapper

From the patient summary, you can map a Xero contact to the patient or their Next of Kin. You can also map a Xero contact to a 3rd Party from Settings. When you do this, the ‘Xero Mapping’ modal loads and you select a Xero contact to map from here.

As some sites have thousands of Xero contacts, we have updated this modal, so that only the first 100 Xero contacts are listed (ordered alphabetically). You can then use the search box at the top of the modal to narrow the results. As no more than 100 lines are returned, this greatly speeds up loading times, hopefully streamlining the whole Xero contact mapping process for you.

We've also made a change to ensure that when you are choosing a Xero contact when mapping an individual invoice, the list returned from Xero is presented in alphabetical order to make it easier to find a contact.

Expenses in the WriteUpp App

We've tidied up the creation of expenses in the WriteUpp app, to ensure that the calculations being used throughout WriteUpp are consistent. Previously, the app displayed the "Vat per Unit" alongside the VAT rate dropdown when creating an expense. This has been removed as VAT is calculated on the line total, so is affected by quantity, and not the VAT per unit of an item.

A new version of the WriteUpp app will also be available for both Apple and Android to support this release, keep an eye on your chosen app store for v3.3.0 coming soon!

Bug Fixes

The date filter has been fixed in the No Episodes tab of the Caseload views. Use the date filter to select a From and To date to define a date range for the search. Press Apply to update the results or Reset to remove the dates and reset the search. Use of this date filter allows you to quickly search for and locate patients within the No Episodes view.
Under Business Views -> Finances in the Expenses tab, you can view all the expenses you have created within WriteUpp across a defined date range. The Price, VAT and Total columns were not previously taking the amount of an expense into consideration; the calculations were based on the price of a single unit regardless of the quantity. We have fixed this. Furthermore, the Price column has been renamed to Price ex VAT, making it clearer what this column is displaying.
If you use the back button in your browser to return to the Attended Activity view if you were previously on that page, the filters now fully reset to the default search. This being the last 7 days for the date filter and ‘All’ for the Appointment type and With filters. You can then use these filters to refine the search again, if required. Remember to press the blue Update button to return the results.
When using the app, the country code of the mobile number was not being transferred to the call screen when tapping on the number from the client contact details. This was preventing calls being made directly to the app to non-UK numbers. This has been corrected, and you should see the country code present if making a phone call by using a mobile number from the app. The updated version of the app, v3.3.0, will be required for this.
For Danish sites: The email clients receive containing instructions for when a smart form or direct message is sent, has been translated back to Danish.
There were a few reports of the diary time slots not marrying up correctly with the times down the left-hand side. This has been fixed. You can also now zoom your browser in or out and this will no longer affect the positioning of the diary lines.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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