In this weeks release, we've added new field types to the form builder and made an improvement to the smart form submission process to prevent forms being submitted too early. We've also added a few new reports, addressed some other small improvements and fixed a couple of bugs! Here's what we've been up to:

New features

New Form Builder field types - Signature and Date

As we work towards further enhancements surrounding Smart Forms, we've added two new field types to the Form Builder - Signature and Date.

When adding fields to custom assessment forms, you'll now see additional options under Select a field type for both Signature and Date:

Adding a signature field to a form will insert a box, designed to be completed by drawing a signature into the available space. This field can then be used when either you or your clients are completing a form to capture their signature.

The signature can be obtained on a touch screen device such as an iPad or a mobile phone using your finger or a stylus and can also be obtained on a desktop computer using the cursor/mouse. When used in a smart form, the field area will be responsive to the screen size your client is using and adjust accordingly.

Adding a date field to a form will allow client to either manually enter a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY, or use a pop up calendar to select one. This field type can also be made mandatory.

To provide an example, this shows both new fields in action as part of a Smart Form on an iPhone8:

Note: These new fields are not currently supported in the WriteUpp App but this is something we are working on implementing, so watch this space! In the meantime, if you'd like to use or view a form containing this field while you're out and about, you can log into your WriteUpp site using the internet browser on your mobile device.

New reports

We've added 3 new reports under Main Menu -> Reports.

Under the Client tab, you will see New Clients, which displays the number of newly created clients on a month by month basis.

Under the Episodes tab, you will see New Episodes and Discharged Episodes. New Episodes shows the number of new episodes created for clients each month, and Discharged Episode will show the number of clients discharged per month.


Smart form submission confirmation

We've added a confirmation message when a client clicks on Save while completing a form online:

Once clients click on Save, they'll now see this message and can confirm they'd like to submit the form by clicking Continue. If they've clicked save in error before they have finished, they can click on Cancel to return to the form.

Additionally, this message will also display if a client hits Return while completing a form. Using the return key when completing a form is a browser function that will submit it, and previously this was causing forms to be returned accidentally by clients whilst incomplete. If clients hit the return key when completing a form, they will also see the above prompt and can click on Cancel to go back and finish completing the requested information.

Sorting added to the new Caseload view

The ability to sort the columns on the new Caseload view has been added. You'll be able to sort the information displayed by each of the blue column headers.

Client messages retained if an appointment is deleted

Previously, when an appointment was completely deleted from the diary, any appointment communications relating to that appointment were also deleted from the Messages tab of the Client Summary. We've made a change to this, which will allow messages to remain on the Messages tab after the associated appointment is deleted. Opening the message will still allow you to read the content and should provide a footprint of appointments which have since been deleted.

You'll be able to see if a sent message relates to a deleted appointment on the list of sent messages:

Practice email variable added

We've added a variable for Practice email that can be inserted into your templates and emails, which you can find it within the VAR dropdown under Practice email. It will use the email address you have entered into the email field within Settings -> Organisation.

Additional Ethnicity choice added to the client summary

Following a request from a user, African Caribbean has been added as an option to the Ethnicity dropdown on the client summary.

Bug fixes

When using online booking, it was possible for clients to book unavailable appointments types if they had previously bookmarked or saved a search for an appointment type for that appointment type. This has been fixed and clients will be returned to the online booking home page if such a link is used.
An invalid date could be manually entered when creating an expense for a client, which caused errors at the point of generating an invoice for the item. This has been resolved.
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