To access the Form Builder go to Settings -> Assessments and click on the green Create New Assessment Form button at the bottom left of the screen:

This will take you to the all new Form Builder. The video below shows you how you can use the Form Builder to create your own Custom Forms:

Forms/Assessments that you create in the Form Builder will automatically be added to “Your Assessment Collection” and Favourited. When a form is “favourited” this means that it has been made available to your team and can be accessed via Create -> Assessment.

If you want to remove a form from your Favourites just click on the three dots at the end of the row and click on “Remove From Favourites”

You will also notice a small shopping cart icon at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to the Assessment Store. From here you can add pre-built forms to your Favourites.

There are two types of pre-built Forms:

Responsive - these are popular pre-built forms that we have created using the new Form Builder. As such they can be used on your mobile device (via the app, when the app is upgraded to the next release) and they are printable.

Classic - these are the pre-built forms that were shipped with WriteUpp from Day 1. They are provided in the store in case you wish to continue using them but our hope and expectation is that you will either create your own or switch the new Responsive version if it has been created.

At present all forms in the Store are free. Going forwards we may add some new forms with a greater level of embedded logic (such as calculations or stats) which you will be able to purchase for a small one-time fee. We are also going to be working with 3rd Party assessment form providers to see if they wish to offer electronic versions of their copyrighted paper forms through the Store.
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