In this first release of 2021, we're implementing a new Gmail authentication pathway, which replaces the SMTP settings for Google hosted email accounts. We've also made some improvements to variable management and the caseload view and addressed a couple of bugs.

New Features

Gmail authentication

As you may have seen earlier this year, Google are making a change to the way apps using a Google account are authenticated. This change will affect the current method of authenticating via SMTP, so we've introduced a new authentication pathway to allow you to link to a Google hosted email account. Authenticating a Google account for use with WriteUpp will allow you to send emails to your clients using your own email address and server.

You can read all about setting up and managing Gmail authentication (and what it means for your sent emails) here, with a more general article covering sending emails from WriteUpp here.

For those of you currently using a Gmail account via the previous SMTP settings, you can now switch over to the new authentication pathway to continue to use your email account when sending emails from WriteUpp. You can see how to do that here. We'll also be in touch with you regarding this change!


Variables highlighted when inserted into documents

We've added a highlight to any populated variables within text in WriteUpp, to make these more visible to you. When you move your cursor over any text which has been populated via a variable, you'll see this highlighted blue. You'll also see the variable that has been used appear when you cursor is over the highlighted text:

This will highlight information that has been populated by variables and which is therefore non-editable. If you need to make a change to the text pulled through by a variable, you should place your cursor to the right of the text and use backspace on your keyboard to delete the information before manually adding the changed text.

Document validation when generated for sending

We've also added validation to documents when they are generated for sending from WriteUpp via either email or direct message, which checks for any incorrect formatting errors it contains. This is usually caused by corrupt HTML being present in the background and previously would have resulted in a 'something has gone wrong error' being displayed to you. You'll now see this message on screen:

You can find more information and guidance on document validation errors here. If you see this message when sending a document from WriteUpp, please do get in touch with the team via live chat and we will help resolve the issues.

Caseload View

We've split the Caseload view into separate tabs in order to improve the efficiency of the view, and to provide different information on each episode status. You'll now be able to view:
All episodes - A snapshot of all client episodes. This view updates once a day and will display information on the last updated date and time.
Open episodes - A snapshot of open episodes, with the option to filter by episode created date. This view updates once a day and will display information on the last updated date and time.
Closed episodes - A snapshot of closed episodes, with the option to filter by discharge date. This view updates once a day and will display information on the last updated date and time.
New episodes - A live view of all new episodes created in the last 24 hours
No episodes - A live view of clients with no episode created

You'll be able to navigate through the views by using the tabs displayed:

You can filter the information displayed by any of the blue column headings and export the information to a CSV file for any further manipulation required.

Calendar feed activation/deactivation

We've added the ability to activate or deactivate the calendar feed which allows you to add your WriteUpp appointments to an external calendar like iCal or Google Calendar. You'll see the option to switch this off under Integrations & Add Ons -> Calendar Integrations -> Switch Off Synchronization:

If you switch the calendar sync off, entries in your external calendar will no longer update.

You'll also now be able to apply the privacy filter to your feed from this page, which replaces the client's name with their WUID number on your external calendar.

As the calendar feed is a publicly accessible URL, if it was accessed by someone outside your organisation it would allow them to view the information contained within it regarding your WriteUpp appointments. You should not provide this URL to anyone else. If you suspect that your diary link has been accessed by a third party, or if for example you lose the device you have added it to, you switch off the synchronization within WriteUpp and it will no longer update on the devices it was added to.

Bug Fixes

The Locations heading was appearing on the Appointments tab of the Client Summary for sites not using multiple locations. This was in turn affecting the remaining columns on this page. This has been fixed.
The pricing visibility option within online booking to show "No price information" was displaying pricing information in the appointment menu, and the option for "Show price in the appointment menu only" was displaying no price information. This has been corrected.
An issue with client merge was reported where the date of birth did not move from the loser to the winner. This appears to be an edge case but extra checks have been included in the merge to ensure this does not happen again.
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