A number of clients have asked for a mechanism to identify clients that have NOT ATTENDED during a defined period of time.

The idea being that if a client has not attended during a certain period of time they could be a missed income opportunity and should be re-contacted to see if they need further treatment or a follow-up.

To access the "Recall List" just click on the Business Views icon and select "Recall List"

To customise the Recall List you have the option to specify two dates (described below) along with various filters.

The "From" field (1) specifies the start of the period of attendance, whilst the "To" field specifies the end of the period of attendance.

Clients that attended during the "Period of Attendance" but DIDN'T attend between the "To" date (2) and TODAY are listed in the view.

To export the view just click on "Export to Excel". This will enable you to export these clients into an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to direct outbound marketing to these individuals.
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