If you'd like to offer your patients a discount on either a treatment or an item, you can apply this when you create an invoice. 

You can apply a discount as either 

a numeric value eg £10 discount
a percentage, eg 10% discount

A discount is applied against an item on an invoice (for example an appointment or an expense) rather than against the whole invoice and its total value. This allows you to control what items are discounted if you include more than one thing on an invoice.

Discounts are applied after you have chosen which appointments and expenses to include on an invoice, on the Invoice Details screen:

To apply a numeric discount, click into the Discount box and enter the amount you would like to discount:

You'll then see the VAT Due and Total amounts change to reflect the discount:

To apply a discount as a percentage, click on the 3 dots at the end of the row containing the item you'd like to discount, and choose Percentage Discount:

You can then enter the percentage discount you'd like to apply and see the discount, VAT due on the discounted price and the price including VAT with the discount applied:

Once you're happy with the numbers,  click Apply:

The discount will then be applied to the item as a numeric value and the related figures will be updated:

Once you click Save Invoice, you'll see the discount applied on the completed invoice:

You can't edit an item on an invoice once it has been saved.  If you apply the wrong discount, you'll have to delete the invoice and start again
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