Sometimes you need to open a pre-existing read-only assessment. You may wish to do this if:

Another member of staff needs to append something to the assessment
Another member of staff needs to approve an assessment
You want to record the same measure/score on multiple occasions over time

To be clear, this doesn't impact the integrity of the original assessment. Instead it creates a new editable version of the assessment that contains all of the data in the original assessment.

To create a new version of a read-only assessment do the following:

Select the patient

Go to the Patient Summary and click on the Assessments tab

Find the "read only" assessment that you want to create a new version from and click on it.

You will now see the assessment in read-only form

In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen click on the copy icon indicated below:

This will create a new version of the assessment whilst retaining all of the data that was entered previously
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