To remove a communication trigger:

Go to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication:

Click on the three dots alongside the trigger you'd like to delete, and select Delete:

You'll see a red Trigger has been Deleted banner and it will no longer appear on the list:

Please note that when it comes to appointment reminders, these are saved against the appointment at the time that it is booked.  Therefore deleting an appointment reminder trigger completely will affect appointments already in your diary.  If an appointment reminder is deleted between the time that an appointment is booked and the time is it due to be sent, the client will not receive a reminder for that appointment.  If you delete an appointment reminder trigger, you will see a message on screen advising how many appointments will be affected:

You will also be able to see if this is the case under the Appointment History within the Appointments tab of the Patient Summary:

Creating a new appointment reminder trigger will not replace the deleted one, and will not be sent for any appointments already in your diary at the point it is created.
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