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How do I download an Access Request?

To be able to download an Access Request file you need to have logged it first.

If you have previously logged an access request and you are ready to provide the requestor with their data just click on Main Menu -> Tools-> Access Requests

You will then be taken to a log of previous Access Requests.

Find the row that relates to the particular request that you are dealing with and click on the blue download link.

If the link says "Pending" you just need to wait a few minutes while the system pulls together the data. This can be quite an intensive exercise if the client has a lot of data.

Once you have downloaded the zip file to your computer/device you should password protect it immediately and before you consider sharing it either physically (on CD/Memory stick) or via email.

IMPORTANT: If/when you receive an Access Request you should not send to anyone unless you have verified their identity and their legitimate right to have access to the data.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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