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How do I set up the diary in x minute slots?

The number of slots that you see in the diary are purely visual. You can change them by going to Settings -> My Settings and changing the Diary Increments setting, shown below:

However, this will have no bearing on the way your diary works or operates from a scheduling or online booking perspective.

You determine the duration of your appointments when you set them up in Settings -> Scheduling.

Regardless of the duration of the appt you can schedule an appointment to start at any time in the diary by simply adjusting the start time when the diary dialogue appear (on the left).

With regard to online booking: If you are concerned about clients inserting appointments randomly in your diary so that you end up with lots of gaps don't worry - we've got you covered:

online booking will start at the beginning of your specified day, say 9am and insert/offer slots based on the duration of the appt types that you have set up in online booking (say they're 45 mins)
each appt offered will effectively be a multiple of 45 from the start time. So, 9.00, 9.45, 10.30, 11.15 etc
online booking won't create random gaps because it searches for the next available time (i.e. a 45 min gap if that's how long your appts are) and works from there

The model that we've used is based on the same booking engine that we use in the NHS where the objective is to maximise available clinical capacity.

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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