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How do you write Notes?

To write notes for a Patient or Client:

Ensure that the patient is the Active Patient so that their name appears in the top right-hand corner.

Click on Create -> Note:

Here you can enter some notes for the patient or you have the option to use a template (Read more about managing note templates here). You can also set a keyword for the note and enter a label which can be used to title the note:

You'll also be able to choose from formatting tools in the tool bar:

Click Save and Exit

You will be taken back to the Patient Summary where you will be able to see your new note at the top of the notes tab. An entry for the new note will also show in the recent Activity stream.

If you realise when you have started writing a note that you have the wrong active patient, don't panic! Just click on the switch icon. Any notes that you have written will be transferred over to your new active patient.


Please note, if you have already saved the note, you will not be able to use the switch function.

Updated on: 20/01/2023

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