If you'd like to keep track of the appointments cancelled due to COVID-19, you can do this by creating a custom appointment status called Cancelled - COVID-19 or similar.  When a client cancels an appointment for this reason, you'll be able to register the specific status against the session.

To add an appointment status:

Go to the Main Menu and navigate to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Statuses

Click on Create New Appointment Status

Complete the fields displayed, giving your status a name and a colour, and for a cancelled appointment that isn't chargeable, complete the fields as shown:

Click Save to save the status.
To register a cancellation due to COVID-19 against an appointment, open the session by choosing it from your diary:

And select the appropriate status from the Status filter.

Unfortunately due to the current climate, it's likely that you will see some cancellations due to the spread of the virus, and by using a dedicated status to identify these, you can track the numbers affected.  

You'll see information on the status of an appointment on the Appointments tab of the Patient Summary for each patient:

You can also see an overview of how your practice as a whole is affected by going to the Main Menu -> Reports -> Performance and choosing Appointments by Status:

You'll be able to enter a date range, filter by appointment type if you like, and view the data as either a graph:

Or a grid:

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