In this release, we're adding the ability to import client demographics from information contained in assessment forms. We've also improved the message that clients will see online if a smart form isn't saved, changed the way usernames display at the top of a busy diary screen and fixed a few bugs. Here's what we've been up to:

New features

Importing client demographics from forms

We've added a couple of new features which, when used together, will allow fields within the client summary to be populated from a completed assessment form. These are:
A new set of "Smart" fields within the form builder to capture client demographics
An import mechanism on a saved assessment form to import this information to the client summary

"Smart" Fields within the form builder

You'll see a new set of fields when adding fields in the the form builder, called a "Smart" field:

These are a predefined set of fields, which once completed, can populate the matching field of the client summary. The type of smart fields available are:

First Name
Date of birth (in the format = dd/mm/yyyy)
Home address
Home phone
Work phone
Mobile phone
Next of Kin Name
Next of Kin Relationship
Next of Kin phone number
Next of Kin mobile number
Next of Kin email
Next of Kin address
Next of Kin city
Next of Kin Postcode

Only information contained within one of these fields in an assessment form can be imported, and only to the corresponding field of the client summary

Once these fields have been added to a form, they can be used as normal within WriteUpp, the app or as part of a smart form sent to a client.

You can read all about adding smart fields to an assessment template in this article:

How do I add smart fields to an assessment template?

Importing information to the client summary

Once a form has been saved within WriteUpp, you'll then be able to import information contained within any smart fields into the client summary. If a form contains smart fields, you'll see a new "Smart Import" icon to the bottom right of your screen:

You'll also be able to initiate the import from the notification that a smart form has been completed:

You can read more about importing information from your smart fields here:

How do I import information from smart fields to the client summary?

Please note, at the moment the smart fields don't include the option to populate third party details, like GP or insurer information, or custom fields. We're continuing to look into how we might be able to introduce this in a future release.

The import functionality is only available within the desktop version of WriteUpp, accessed via your browser, and not the mobile app. You can complete an assessment containing smart fields within the app but to import the information, you'll need to be logged in via your browser.

To support the new smart fields, you'll also see an updated version of the WriteUpp app available shortly in both the Apple and Google Play stores. To use and view smart fields in the app, you'll need to update to the latest version, which is version 2.1.0. If you experience any issues with the app, please do check the app store for an update!

Prebuilt 'Registration form' within the assessment store

To help you get up and running with smart fields, we've added a prebuilt form to the assessment store, called Registration form. This form contains all available smart fields, with all fields also being mandatory. You can then duplicate and edit this form to your own practice specifications, perhaps to build in fields to gather information on the reason for their visit.


Portal message for a timed out smart form

We've added a new message to the online portal if a client saves a smart form after the session has timed out:

If clients are directed to this screen, they can re enter the access code they were originally sent, and carry on completing the form. When a client is completing a smart form, auto-save will save the information every couple of minutes therefore most, if not all, information should be retained when they go back into the form.

You can see information on the steps a client will follow when completing a smart form, and the timeout messages they see, here.

User names on the diary

We've made an improvement to the way a user name appears on the diary view, particularly if you are viewing multiple diaries in the same view. Previously, names would wrap onto multiple lines at the top of a diary column:

Names will now appear on one line instead. In situations where a name might be cut off, you can view the full name by hovering your mouse over the part in view:

Prompt to add a missing appointment status when creating an invoice

If the status associated with an appointment has been deleted, you'll now see a prompt to add a new one before you can generate an invoice:

New code added under ISC

The following code has been added to the ISC list:
CD030 - Wireless patch continuous 1 lead ECG recorder for up to 14 days

Bug fixes
Client merges were failing intermittently, in cases where information was entered for the loser but not the winner. This has been fixed.
Client merges were also failing where external file links were present on the loser. This is no longer the case.
For Danish sites, editing the price of an item before saving an invoice was moving the decimal point and creating a much larger item total. This has also been fixed.

Other news

To reflect the post-Brexit transition period the UK is currently in, we've updated the WriteUpp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which you can find on our website. Should any further changes be required at the end of this transition period, a further update will be published.
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