In this WriteUpp release, we're introducing two brand new features, requested by you! We hope that both of these will help you streamline your practice management as you start to reopen in line with the gradual easing of lockdown measures. Here's what we've been up to:

New Features

Ability to link communication triggers to appointment types

A popular post within our feature request portal, we've added the ability to link your automated appointment communications to appointment types. This will allow you to send different information out to your patients, based on the appointment type that they have been booked in for.

What communications can be linked to an appointment type?

The following Trigger events can be linked to a specific appointment type:
Booking - Single
Booking - Recurring
Booking - Online
Video booking - Single
Video booking - Recurring
Video booking - Online booking
Video reminder

When setting up a message to be sent via either SMS or email for any of these trigger events, you'll see an additional "If Type is" dropdown box containing your appointment types:

Choosing an appointment type from this box will tell WriteUpp to only send the defined message when that particular appointment is booked.

You can read all about how to manage communications for appointment types here.

Optional 'buffer time' between appointments

We know that a lot of you need additional time between appointments, especially just now, so we've added the option to have a 'buffer time' at the end of an appointment. This is non-chargeable time designed for admin, setup or cleaning time between appointments. Adding buffer time will extend the appointment as it appears in your diary, while displaying the correct treatment time to your patients.

You can read more about buffer time here.


Changes to the Appointment Communications screens

In line with the introduction of appointment types to your confirmations and reminders, we've redesigned the appointment communication screens to hopefully improve your workflow when managing your messages.

You can now create a new trigger, and easily access your email and SMS templates from the foot of your screen:

We've also renamed the trigger events to tidy up the table of your communications. To give you an example, "New Appointment - Single" has become "Booking - Single":

Improved error message when sending direct messages and smart forms

When sending a direct message or smart form, we've added an error message if the SMS containing the access code fails to send:

If patients see this message they will need to contact you, and you should check the mobile number on their patient record. If this error appears, you won't have used any SMS credits, as the message failed to send. You should resend the direct message/smart form once the correct mobile number has been added to the patient record. Alternatively, please do get in touch in live chat and we can help you figure out where the error has occurred!

Added ISC codes

The below ISC codes have been added to the list available within Fields -> ISC Codes:

SP000165 Remote Consultation (Telephone/Video Conf)-under 15 Minutes
SP000166 Remote Consultation (Telephone/Video Conf)-16 and 29 Minutes
SP000167 Remote Consultation (Telephone/Video Conf) - over 30 Minutes

To add these ISC codes to your favourites, you can follow the steps detailed here.
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