This WriteUpp release brings you some improvements to the video consultation process, a new notification option and addresses some bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:


Video feed orientation during a video consultation

We've added extra information to the video feed screens which will detect if the video coming through from the other party is portrait or landscape. If the two don't have the same orientation, the video feed will be contained in an area of your screen relative to the orientation. For example, if you as a clinician are on a laptop and your patient is using a smartphone, their feed will now appear on your screen in portrait in a smaller area relative to the size of the video produced from a phone. Previously it appeared to be really zoomed in as the feed was trying to fill the screen on a laptop, which didn't always give you the best quality images.

Audio testing capabilities within the video waiting room

Both clinicians and patients will now be able to test audio as well as video in the video waiting rooms. When clicking on 'Test video and audio', you'll now see a responsive audio scale to indicate that your microphone is picking up sound:

We'd really recommend that both clinician and patient use the 'Test video and audio' option before a video call, as it may help identify any issues at either end before you begin. It will also prompt the camera and microphone permissions request, providing an opportunity to fix any problems with access, again before the call starts

Opening the video waiting room in Safari

When using Safari on both macOS and iOS, there are sometimes issues with the video waiting room opening, due to pop-up settings. If you've got pop-ups set to Block or Block and Notify, Safari is stopping the waiting room from opening and it's not very obvious when this happens. We've added a warning messages if clicking on Open Waiting Room doesn't open the waiting room for you:

Click on OK to go back to WriteUpp and check your browser settings for pop-ups, or click on Open in this window to open the waiting room in your current tab.

Additional notification option

We've added an additional option to the choices available to you when configuring your notifications. You can now choose Browser for any of the events in WriteUpp and see a notification in your chosen browser. This might be particularly helpful if you're working on something in another tab, like a video consultation or a Physitrack exercise prescription. As an example, in Chrome, you would see something like this:

Bug Fixes

Multi-user appointments, both patient and non-patient, were not bookable due to an error message appearing. This has been resolved.
Video minutes purchased using PayPal were not showing as a transaction within your payment history in WriteUpp. This has been fixed.
Appointments could not be saved to the diary when using Internet Explorer. This is no longer the case.
In the diary List view, the Quick Invoice option was showing for a non-attended appointment. This has been removed.
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