In this latest release, we're clearing the way for some fantastic new features by addressing some small improvements and bug fixes! Here's what we've been up to:


Additional information displayed in the appointment history

If the status allocated to an appointment is set to Does it mean the Client is attending? = No, confirmations and reminders won't be sent regarding the session. This is because the status indicates that the patient is not attending the appointment, and therefore that confirmations and reminders are not needed. We've added additional information to the appointment history to indicate if communications aren't sent because of this:

If you were expecting confirmations and reminders to be sent for a session and you see this message, you should check the appointment status allocated to it, and if need be, change the "Does it mean the Client is attending" setting to Yes. This will ensure your clients are sent the relevant confirmations and reminders for their appointments.

Note - This won't resend any confirmations or reminders that were not sent due to status, but it will ensure they will be successful going forwards

Ability to remove an image from Online Booking

We've provided the option to remove an image that's been added to the promotion boxes on your online booking homepage, and the user or treatment information a client sees. If you'd like to remove an image from online booking, you'll see an additional button now displayed:

This will help manage the information you display to your clients on your practice, treatments and users. It ensures that if an image is published to your select and book site that doesn't look quite right, it's quick and easy to remove it and revert back to no image for the relevant area

Note - You'll only see the option to remove an image if it's already been saved and published. When you add an image for the first time, if you don't want to keep it and you don't want to replace it with something else, just choose Cancel:

Bug Fixes

When viewing longer completed consent forms within the Privacy tab of the client summary, the text towards the end of the form was not being displayed. This has been corrected.
Under Settings -> Account, the Change bank details link was not opening. This has been fixed.
Non-client appointment types were able to be set up as Video appointments, which was then preventing them from being booked with multiple resources. This is no longer possible.
A change of appointment status was not being captured in the appointment history when altered via the app or the diary list view. This has been changed.
Under Reports -> Client, the Client by Source report was being displayed twice. The duplicate has been removed.
If a client appointment type was changed to a non-client appointment type, the appointment was still visible to clients in online booking. This has been fixed
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