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Improvements and Bug Fixes (v2.15.4)

The latest release of WriteUpp is here. Read below to see the improvements we have been working on and what bugs we have squashed this time!


Notes history modal

Previously, when viewing the history of a note version, you would struggle to view larger notes in the history modal. This was due to a lack of restriction on the height of the modal. We have added this restriction and now when viewing notes in the history modal, you will be able to view the notes in full and scroll through the versions without any problems.

Visibility of attachments in desktop and the app

Visibility rules for attachments uploaded as ‘visible to me only’ have been improved. Previously, all users could see private uploads in the activity feeds on desktop; we did block users from viewing them if clicked on but we have now completely removed any private attachment updates from other user’s feeds. On the app, users were able to click on and view private attachments from the latest activity feed. Again, we have addressed this and users who should not have access to private attachments, will no longer be able to view them from the activity feed in the app.

The WriteUpp app has also been updated with this release. Please update to version 3.2.3 for both Apple and Android, to ensure you keep getting the most out of the app!

Bug fixes

The ‘existing notes’ tab when creating a new note was using the MM/DD/YYYY date format in some browsers, if your computer was set to the American date format. We have addressed this, so that dates in the ‘existing notes’ view show as DD/MM/YYYY, keeping it consistent with the rest of the site regardless of your computer’s regional format.

In the form builder when using single or multiple choice fields, if a space was entered at the end of any options and this option was selected, the response wasn’t being displayed when the form was in a draft status. It was present when a form was locked. We’ve now prevented the form builder from saving extra spaces at the start or end of any option added to a question. If you are experiencing any issues like this, please check your form template for extra spaces at the end of an option.

When viewing a sent smart form on the messages tab of the patient summary, the link to the completed form was not being generated in the attachment field. We have now corrected this.

When creating new attachments, the keywords were not ordered as set under Fields -> Attachment Keywords. This ordering issue has now been fixed.

When using the Android App, attachments were not opening as expected. This has been addressed and you should now be able to view attachments in the Android App as long as you have the appropriate viewer available on your device.

When inserting images into notes, documents or emails using the ‘insert image’ button, the default medium selection was actually inserting the image in its original size. We’ve fixed this, and images inserted using the default medium selection will be added in this size.

In the last release, we made improvements to the security of file uploads, but in doing so, inadvertently restricted the length of the allowed file name to 64 characters. We’re corrected this, and file names of any length can now be uploaded again.

Other news

Shortly we will begin to retire the older “classic” style assessment forms from use within WriteUpp. If you are still using any classic forms, please check the assessment store for a responsive version of the form. We are continuing to work on converting classic forms to responsive versions, rest assured that a classic form will only be removed once a responsive equivalent is in place!

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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