In this week’s WriteUpp release, we've made a couple of small improvements and addressed some bugs. We've also been doing some preparatory work before we begin to tackle some exciting new features and improvements coming your way over the next few months 😃

Here's what we've been up to:


Improved client validation in online booking

We've improved the validation of client details within online booking to reduce the likelihood of any errors within WriteUpp when creating client records or appointments in online booking.

Improvement to the adding of images to notes, letters and emails within WriteUpp

When adding images to notes, letters and emails within WriteUpp, it has been possible in the past to copy and paste an image into the body of the document. Particularly if you are using a Mac, this also brings over an unnecessary volume of background data which may have a detrimental effect on performance. To combat this, we've prevented images being copied and pasted into WriteUpp. We've added a message which will be displayed if this is done:

Images should always be added by using the Insert Image option in the formatting toolbar:

By adding images in this way, we can ensure that there is minimal impact to the size of the completed document.

Bug Fixes

When using the form builder, clicking Exit rather than Publish & Exit was displaying an error. This has been fixed.
Patient Merge was failing in edge cases where the name of the 'losing' patient was more than 32 characters long. This has been addressed.
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