In this weeks release, we've made a couple of small improvements and made a change to SMTP, ahead of some bigger modifications coming in the near future. Here's what we've been up to:


Improvements to the video consultation flow

When starting a video consultation, you now have the option to Open in current tab:

The Open in waiting room button will still open in a new tab. When opening the waiting room in a new tab, we'll also now open a new separate tab for each appointment. Previously, the video window opened in the same tab each time, which was disrupting the consultation flow.

Improvements for SMS delivery to + 1 mobile numbers

We've made some changes to improve the reliability of SMS delivery to mobile numbers using a + 1 area code, due to stricter guidelines on receiving messages to mobile numbers using this code.

Ability to identify a password protected file

When uploading attachments to the client summary, you can now indicate at this point if the document is password protected:

Once your file is uploaded, password protected PDFs can be viewed within WriteUpp once the password has been entered. Any other password protected documents, like a Word doc, must be downloaded to view.

You'll be able to download password protected files from the summary list:

Or by opening it and choosing View:

If you're not sure, just leave the setting as "Not sure", and WriteUpp will figure it out 😃
Other News

SMTP changes

Due to changes being made by one of the major email providers in relation to SMTP, SMTP within WriteUpp will be discontinued by the end of this year
If you currently have SMTP set up within WriteUpp, you don't need to make any changes at the moment and emails will continue to be sent via your own email server for now.

You'll now find the SMTP configuration settings within Integrations & Add Ons, accessed from the main menu. You'll be able to make changes to the existing setup here, but if you revert to the WriteUpp email servers at any point, you will not be able to change back to SMTP.

If you do not already have SMTP set up on your site, you will no longer be able to configure this.

We're currently working on an alternative solution which will allow you to send emails from your own email address if you own your domain, but via the WriteUpp email servers. This will be available to all users but unfortunately will not support free email domains such as hotmail, gmail, outlook etc. For those of you who currently use SMTP, we'll be in touch with instructions on how to move across to the new solution as it takes shape.
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