This WriteUpp release brings you an increase to the email template size (based on the feedback we've received from you 😊) and some other improvements and bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:


Increased email template size

After valuable feedback from you regarding the email template size within WriteUpp, we have increased this from around 4,000 characters to around 8,000 characters. This will allow you to create larger email templates for use when communicating with your patients.

We understand how important communication is, especially just now as many of you prepare to reopen in line with the gradual easing of lockdown measures. Going forwards we will be investigating how we can remove the limit on these templates.

Top Tips
If you have information on your practice on a webpage (like directions or pricing information) that you also add to your email templates, adding a link out to these pages can be a really easy way of limiting the amount of text you add to email templates.
If you are copying and pasting text from elsewhere, either from within WriteUpp or from a webpage or a word document for example, you might pick up some stray HTML formatting which will increase the number of characters you use. To avoid this, you should either
Paste the text into the notepad on your computer first then copy and paste the plain text into WriteUpp. You can then use the tools to format your templates.
Compose your templates manually by typing text and entering variables

Site administrator access to notes, assessments and documents

While site administrators have always been able to view all information saved to the patient summary, they haven't been able to edit this information in the the past. We've made a change to this, which allows site administrators to have edit access to all notes, assessments and documents created in their site. You don't have to use this access but if the need arises, the functionality is there.

If a site administrator edits and saves a note, assessment or document, this will transfer the edit rights to the administrator and the original creator will not be able to make any further changes. If any changes are made, the version history table will capture information relating to who and when changes were made, ensuring an accurate footprint remains in place if more than one user adds information to a note, assessment or document.

Ability to unlock a note, assessment or document for site administrators

Site administrators also now have the ability to unlock a manual or automatically locked note, assessment or document created by either themselves or another user. If a piece of information has been prematurely locked to changes, just click on the key icon at the bottom of the screen to open it again:

You'll then see confirmation that it's been unlocked, with no need to save the changes to take this into account.

Please note that as above, if you unlock a note/assessment/document and then edit and save it, this will transfer the edit rights to you, and the original creator will not be able to edit. Therefore if you need to unlock something for one of your users, just click on the key icon and let them know!

Payment summaries for SMS credits and video minutes

Previously, any payment summaries produced for the purchase of SMS credits and video minutes didn't explicitly state what the purchase was for. For any purchases going forwards, the printable payment summary accessed by going to Account -> Show payment history will show what was purchased. Unfortunately this will not be applied to any past purchases.

Improved email validation on the patient summary

We've made some small changes to the email validation to ensure that non-standard email domains should be accepted when creating or editing a patient record.

If you're adding an email address to a patient record, and you come across a validation error that you don't think you should be seeing, please do get in touch on live chat and we'll do our best to help you out!

Bug Fixes

Appointment communications regarding a change of status (cancelled appointments for example) were not being sent if the appointment status was changed in the Diary "List" view. This has been fixed.
Part payments containing payment information were not saving to an invoice where the payee address field contained more that 150 characters. This has been resolved.
When using the communication screen of the appointment modal to enter contact details, entering only an email address was not saving the email. This has been fixed.
The presence of double quote marks in the payment comments of an invoice was preventing it from being sent via email. This is no longer the case.
Information under Settings -> Organisation could not be saved without a phone number being entered. This has been changed.

Other News

Following the introduction of the new Integrations and Add Ons menu, we've removed the Add-Ons option from within Settings -> More. You can now access the online booking add-on that used to be accessed from here by opening the Main Menu and choosing Integrations & Add Ons, then Online Booking.
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