This week's release is a very small one as we lay the groundwork for the introduction of a brand new integration with one of the world’s leading payment providers. Watch this Square-shaped space!

In the meantime, we've increased the length of an email subject line, added a new currency and made a small change to the way the pay invoice link and buttons appear for online payments. Here's what we've been up to:


Email subject line

The length of the email subject line has been increased to 255 characters.

Vietnamese currency added

Vietnamese dong has been added as a currency option under Settings -> Invoice.

Navigation between notes and "Manage Templates'

We've made a small change to the navigation between notes and managing notes templates. If you are in the middle of writing a note or reading a draft note and you click on the Manage Templates link, once you've made the required changes to your templates, choosing 'Back to Note' will return you to the note you were composing/reading.

Please note that if you navigate away from the note without saving it, and then return back to the note, auto-save will pick up the content that you haven't manually saved. You must click on 'Yes' if you see the below to recover auto-saved content:

Bug fixes

Some events weren't showing on the dashboard recent activity feed, as a page of the events list was being skipped. This has been fixed.

Other changes

Pay invoice link and button

In preparation for the new payment integration, we've made a small change to the text on the pay invoice link and buttons which can be inserted for online invoice payments. These have both been changed from "Pay via Stripe" to "Pay invoice" and will appear in the invoice footer like this:

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