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Invoicing Updates! (v2.15.7)

In the first WriteUpp release of 2023, we bring you an update to the invoice creation page! When you select Create -> Invoice, you get taken to the billing page, where you can view lists of appointments and expenses for the active client that are yet to be invoiced. We've updated the look and functionality of this page, to improve its performance and make it easier for you to create your invoices and change the items you've selected!

We've also fixed some bothersome bugs, to ensure we keep your WriteUpp experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Check it all out below!


Changes to Create -> Invoice

Choosing Create -> Invoice takes you to a page listing all the appointments and expenses for the active client that are yet to be invoiced. We’ve made a few changes to this page to both improve its performance, and hopefully improve the navigation. We’ve:
Updated the checkboxes down the left hand side
Added a message to confirm if an appointment is removed from the list because the status is changed
Introduced a confirmation when deleting an expense
Added a new "Back" button on the Invoice Details page allowing you to return to the list of appointments and expenses if you need to change the items chosen

The original release of 2.15.7 contained further changes in this area, including the addition of an invoice contents section and filters for both appointments and expenses. Following initial feedback, which was gratefully received, we hear you and we have reverted back to a simpler layout!

New login prompt

We’ve introduced a new login prompt to a few high traffic areas of WriteUpp that will appear if your login session ends while you are still working in WriteUpp:

To continue, just enter your username and password and then choose login. Alternatively, you do have the option to go back to the main login screen.

If you have 2FA set up on your site and we detect that a 2FA code is required when you login from this prompt, you’ll have to go to the main login screen to complete this process:

You’re most likely to see this prompt if you leave WriteUpp open and logged in on your browser for more than 10 hours, like overnight for example. It can also appear if something has interrupted your connection to WriteUpp or if you clear your browser cookies while logged in.

Bug fixes

The ordering of the appointment types dropdown in various places has been corrected and will now again display in alphabetical order, instead of showing newly added types at the top of the lists.
Pressing ‘save & continue’ on assessment forms was causing the active client button to ‘jump’. This has been fixed.
If you had email access codes selected and sent a smart form to a patient’s next of kin or a 3rd party attached to the patient profile, the email containing the access code was addressed to the patient. This has been fixed, emails containing access codes will be addressed to the recipient of the form.
Previously, if you had a ‘Delete (single/recurring) appointment’ email trigger set up and deleted an appointment, the email would be sent out to the patient, but there would be no entry for it in the messages tab. We have addressed this. All communications for deleted appointments will now appear in the messages tab of the patient profile, to ensure users have a complete record of patient communications.
Clicking ‘save & publish’ after editing a user or the marketing section in Online Booking was causing the image in the media tab to be removed. This has been fixed.
Under Fields -> Custom Fields, it wasn’t possible to deactivate all custom fields, the last active field was always retained. We’ve changed this and all custom fields can now be deleted if you choose to.

Coming soon…

We’re working away in the background to finalise our integration with CloudRx, to allow you to generate prescriptions for your patients directly from WriteUpp. We’re really excited to be launching soon, so watch this space!

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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