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Linking Notes and Appointments (v2.15)

We know that when running a busy practice, it can be really helpful to see at a glance what notes relate to what appointments. With that in mind, we’re delighted to introduce the ability to link notes and appointments in this weeks’ WriteUpp release. We’ve also added a new requested currency and fixed some bugs. Read on to find out more!

New Features

We’ve added the ability to link a note to either an appointment in your WriteUpp diary or a manually entered date of your choice. An optional field, selecting an appointment in a new field that is now present when creating a note will form a link directly between that note and the appointment in your diary.

Linking a note to an appointment

When creating a note, you’ll now see a new Linked to field on screen:

Clicking on the icon in this field will open a new box which will display a list of appointments in the clients episode of care. You can choose an appointment to link the note to by clicking on the selection box to the right hand side, and then Set Date to confirm:

This will then add that appointment date and time to the Linked to field:

Once you have completed the rest of your note as usual, click on either Save and Continue or Save and Exit to save both your note and the link between the note and the appointment.

The link is not made until the note is saved after the date is selected, so be sure to do that before exiting!

You’ll then see that in the Linked to field, the date and time has now changed to a clickable link which will take you directly to the appointment as it appears in your diary:

On the notes summary grid view, you’ll also see the Linked to column populated with the linked appointment details, again as a link to take you straight to that appointment.

And if looking at List view, you'll also see the linked appointment date in the header at the top of an entry:

You can read more about linking notes to appointments here.

Linking a note to a manual date

As well as linking notes to an actual appointment date, you can choose to enter a manual date against a note when either creating or editing it. Entering a date in this way won’t form a link with an appointment in your diary, but it does give you a way to indicate that a note created on a certain date relates to another date.

Instead of selecting an existing appointment, use the calendar on the right to choose a date or enter a valid date using the format DD/MM/YYYY then choose Set Date.

You’ll see this date then entered into the Linked to field. Once you save your note, you’ll see the manually entered date remaining in black text, rather than as a clickable link as above. This is because no link is made to an appointment as a result of entering a manual date.

Head over here to read more on linking notes to manual dates.

Viewing notes linked to an appointment

We’ve covered how you can access appointments from their linked notes, but what about accessing the list of notes tied to a specific appointment? You can do this too! When viewing an appointment in the diary, you’ll notice a new icon alongside the current options at the top right of the appointment details box:

Clicking on this will take you to a new screen displaying the notes linked to that appointment if you have any:

If you don’t have any linked notes yet, you’ll see this on screen. And if you’d like to create a note relating to an appointment, you'll see a handy button allowing you to do just that:

Viewing notes linked to appointments is covered here.

Linked notes and the WriteUpp App

You can also link notes to appointments when working on the WriteUpp App on an Apple or Android device.

A similar Linked to field is present when creating or editing notes in the App:

You'll then be able to choose an appointment from a list, just as you can when using WriteUpp via a browser. You won't be able to select a manual date at the moment in the app, only an appointment, but we're continuing to work on this!

Look out for the app v3.2.0 landing in an app store near you shortly! This app version will be required when linking notes to appointments

The workflow via the app is covered in more detail in this dedicated article!


Improved notes summary layout

As part the above work to build a link between notes and appointments, we’ve also improved the layout of the notes summary Grid and List view.

The notes Grid view will now order by the create date of a note by default. Previously the date displayed in the grid was the last saved date of a note, which caused them to move up the grid if they were opened and edited after being created.

We’ve added a column for the new linked to field, to capture either a linked appointment or a manually entered date. Bear in mind that this field is optional when creating notes, you don’t need to use it!

We’ve also retained the last saved information in the final column, to provide a snapshot of the last interaction with a note in this view. You'll be able to use the blue column headers to order the grid by any field of your choice, with the Created date being the default order.

List view will also now be ordered by the create date, with the most recently created note at the top. The header at the top of each note has been adjusted to display the same information as you see on grid view, including the label of a note (which was previously missing) and the create, last saved and linked to dates, if present:

Note PDF headers

In line with the above changes, the header present at the top of a note when printed or generated as a PDF for sending outwith WriteUpp has been adjusted to include the new linked date, if present. The label of a note has also been added to this, as it was not previously included:

New currency added

Barbados dollar (BBD) has been added to the currency list.

Bug Fixes

When creating a new message and using the switch icon to change the active client, the contact list for email and SMS was not updating until the screen was refreshed. This has been fixed, and using the switch icon will update the contact list accordingly

Issues have presented in the past where no active sources were present. To prevent this, a Default source has been added if non were already active. This can be renamed or deactivated if another source is preferred.

Appointments with an hourly rate were not being handled correctly under Business Views -> Activity. The cost was always displayed as the default hourly rate entered under Settings -> Scheduling, regardless of the duration of the appointment. This has been fixed, so the cost field now factors in the hourly rate. For example, a 30 minute appointment with an hourly rate of £40, will now display the correct cost of £20 in the ‘Activity’ view.

You may have noticed that using the Cancel button when creating notes after adding content but before saving for the first time was causing an error. This was due to the autosave functionality in notes and has been fixed. Do be careful when using the ‘cancel’ button, as any unsaved changes will not be kept!

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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