Today's mini release increases the size of custom fields and includes some small improvements and bug fixes. Here's what we've been up to:


Increase to the size of a "custom field"

We've increased the amount of text you can add to a custom field on the client summary. This was previously 60 characters and is now 250 characters per custom field, allowing you to add more information if required.

"General change" trigger event and past appointments

When a general change email or SMS message is triggered, we've added an extra check on the new date and time of the appointment. If the new date and time of the appointment is in the past, the communication will be ignored and not sent to the client. You'll be able to see this in the appointment history:

This means that if past appointments in the diary are changed in error, clients will not be notified.

Note content validation

We've now added additional content validation to notes when they are generated for sending from WriteUpp via either email or direct message. This validation checks for any incorrect formatting errors within the note, as we do with documents. This is usually caused by corrupt HTML being present in the background and previously would have resulted in a 'something has gone wrong error' being displayed to you. You'll now see this message on screen:

You can find more information and guidance on validation errors here. If you see this message when sending a note from WriteUpp, please do get in touch with the team via live chat and we will help resolve the issues. We're working on further improvements in this area, to prevent unsupported HTML making it into WriteUpp in the first instance.

Ability to resend a video access code

If you have two factor authentication for video consultations switched on, we've added the ability to resend the video access code to a client.

You'll see this option once you click on the video icon from the booking in your diary:

If clients report issues receiving the access code, you can use this link to send them another code. Once you select the option, you'll be asked to confirm you'd like to proceed:

When you opt to resend a video access code, we'll use the mobile number entered on the client summary within the Contact Info section. If anyone reports that they haven't received a video access code, you might like to ask them to confirm their mobile number, before you attempt to resend a code. If you had the wrong number listed, update the client summary and save your changes then resend the access code.

Bug fixes
When using Safari or any browser on iOS, the status of an appointment was not properly saving if being changed on the diary List view. This has been fixed.
When using the ... menu on the diary List view, the menu options were being cut off at the bottom of the screen when working with quite a big list of appointments. This has been corrected.
When using an up to date version of Chrome on an iPad or iPhone running the most recent version of iOS, the browser support message was incorrectly displayed when logging in. This has been fixed.
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