This week we're bringing you a mini release containing some small improvements and bug fixes, while we work on some bigger features that are coming your way in the future! Here's what we've been up to:


Hospital number added to Attended Activity exports

The hospital number field from the client summary has been added to the csv and excel exports of the Attended Activity view.

Note and Invoice exports from Tools -> Data Export

When exporting notes and invoices from within Tools -> Data Exports, we'll now update the "Pending" button at the bottom of the screen to "Complete" once the export has finished and show the "Download" button without needing to refresh your screen:

You'll also see the progress of the export request displayed as a percentage:

Bear in mind that if you have a lot of information to be exported, that this process can take a while to complete! There's no need to sit and wait, you can continue to use WriteUpp while it's being processed, and you'll receive a notification at the top right of your screen once it's ready:

Bug Fixes

When setting payment requirement by appointment type in online booking, editing the name of an appointment type within Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types in WriteUpp was resetting the payment required switch for that appointment type to no. This has been fixed.

YouTube links when copied and pasted into emails were being incorrectly displayed as if they were embedded, but not actually displaying when received by a client. This has been corrected and the URL itself will now be added to the body of the email rather than attempting to embed.

Copying and pasting the consent form link in an email to move it's position was breaking the link to the consent form, resulting in the client being taken to a WriteUpp login screen rather than the form. This has been resolved.
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