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More Improvements! (v2.15.5)

Here at WriteUpp, we are always trying to save you time and make your life easier by helping to streamline your practice. This release, we bring you heaps of improvements, which includes paging for busy areas and even a new feature! Read below for information on all the exciting updates included in this release.

New features

When opening a completed consent form from the Privacy tab of the client summary, you’ll now see an email icon at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this will generate the completed form as a PDF containing details on the consent given and take you to an email screen, allowing you to email a copy of the form directly to the client. You’ll no longer need to print the completed consent form to PDF and then email it out externally if you’d like to provide a copy!


Online booking availability improvements and timezone changes

We’ve added timezone information to the online booking availability view so your clients know in what timezone the appointments are offered. This is particularly important if clients are not in the same timezone as you are and looking for an appointment.

Recently you may have noticed that if clients were searching for availability from a different timezone from your clinic location, that appointments were offered in the availability list in the client's timezone, but confirmed on the last screen in the clinic timezone. Any appointment confirmations sent were also in the clinic timezone. When availability was retrieved from your WriteUpp site, the browser was converting the times to be displayed in the client's timezone in the list of appointments. This was causing an issue.

We’ve made changes to ensure that times will not be converted and will be displayed in the timezone that is set within WriteUpp under Settings -> General.

As part of these changes, we’ve also improved the way the filters work for both “Preferred Location” (if you have multiple locations) and "With" (if you have multiple users). When you select an appointment type, the "Preferred Location" and "With" filters will only display locations and users that the appointment is available for.

You can check what locations and users are linked to an appointment type under Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment types -> Edit.

The Create -> Appointment search within WriteUpp has also been updated in line with the online booking search changes. When searching for an appointment, please select an appointment type first, and the "Where and "Who" dropdowns will update to reflect the locations and users available for that type.

Date pickers for reports

The date pickers used to filter data under Business Views -> Reports have also now been updated to match the shiny new ones. Use the date pickers to select a date range and then press the blue ‘update’ button to filter the data.

Paging added to access request log

We know that some sites now have a large list of access requests and so we have added paging to the access request log. We have also hidden expired requests. This will make it easier to navigate through the requests.

Non-client appointment types

Previously, if you didn’t have any non-client appointment types set up and tried to book a non-client appointment (like admin or a meeting), the appointment box would get stuck on “Saving” because there were no types set up.

To address this, we have added a validation message to the "Type" field if it is left empty.

If you see this message, then head to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types and make sure you have some non-client appointment types set up!

Paging added to finance views

Under Business Views -> Finance, you can find all the information you need to keep track of your finances. Some sites have a lot of financial information stored here and so we have added paging to these views to make it easier to navigate. Paging has been added to the following views: invoices, payments, non-invoiced appointments, expenses, discount codes and Xero, if integrated.

If you have Xero integrated, then you will now see a filter in the invoices view, which can be used to filter out the already exported invoices, making it easier to see what hasn’t been exported.

Online invoice payments and email address

Following feedback received, the "Email" field when paying an invoice online via either Stripe or Square is no longer a required field. Name, Address 1 and Postcode fields remain required when paying an invoice online and must be completed before a payment can be made.

Bug fixes

Recently when viewing draft assessments, some single or multiple choice answers have appeared to be blank, but were present when the form was locked. This was due to the presence of an extra space at the end of the answer in the form builder, which was then causing an issue when the response was displayed. We’ve released a fix which will correct any existing forms affected by this, which should ensure that all answers are properly displayed on a draft form.

The ability to create tags in the patient profile using the enter and space keys has been reinstated. Simply type out a tag and then use either the tab, space or enter key to generate it. Always remember to press the ‘Save Changes’ button after updating a patient profile.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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