This release of WriteUpp introduces a new activity report on non-attended appointments and enhanced security for video consultations. We've also made a few small improvements and addressed some bugs that have crept in. Here's what we've been up to:

New Feature

New activity view on non-attended appointments

We realise how important it is to be able to track your cancellations, both just now and as a general business practice, so we've introduced a new tab to the Activity report that tracks non-attended appointments. You'll be able to enter a date range and view or export all appointments in that period which have a "patient not attending" status attached to them, and the lost income resulting from these appointments. Just open the Main Menu and choose Activity, then Non-attended activity to take a look!

Enhanced security when accessing a video consultation

We've introduced a new enhanced security setting which gives you the option to turn on two factor authentication when a patient joins their video consultation. With this turned on, your patients will be sent an SMS message when they click on the link to access their video consultation. This message will contain an access code, that they'll need to enter into the video portal to gain access and join you for this session. You can learn more about this setting here.


Time of the last save added to the notes 'List' view

Information on the "last saved" time has been added to the information displayed at the top of a note in list view.

Hourly rate appointments are now bookable within Online Booking

Hourly rate appointments have historically not been pulled through to online booking. We've made a change to this, so you'll now be able to make hourly rate appointments bookable online. When offering availability and booking the appointment, WriteUpp will use the default length of the appointment as entered within Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types.

Improved messages within the patient waiting room

We've improved the messages displayed within the patient video consultation waiting room to:
Prompt the patient to click "I'm ready" to notify the clinician
Let them know that the clinician has been notified after they have clicked "I'm ready"

Consent via email

We've expanded the email addresses available when gaining consent via email. An email address entered under Next of Kin details will now also appear as a choice when composing the email to be sent with the consent form.

Bug fixes

The document viewer was not displaying password protected PDF files. This has been fixed.
The Mute functionality within the appointment modal was not muting appointment communications. This has been corrected.
Age calculations were not always correct in terms of the month displayed. This has been fixed.
On some occasions, there was an outstanding balance displayed for invoices paid by multiple payors, even if the part payments were correct. This has been resolved.
When using the Next Appt Cost variable in communications and documents, extra decimal places were being added to the cost. This is no longer the case.

Other news

Following the introduction of the new Integrations and Add Ons menu, we've removed the below from their old homes within Settings. They can all be found by opening the Main Menu and choosing Integrations & Add Ons:
Calendar feeds
Xero configuration
Stripe configuration
Healthcode set up
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