In this weeks release, we've introduced the ability to limit how far in advance your clients can make appointments in online booking, and added episode markers to the Client views accessed within the main menu. We've also added extra options to the annotations toolbar and improved how it reacts to deleting text in another field, and fixed some bugs. Here's what we've been up to:

New Features

Ability to limit future online bookings

We've added a setting to the online booking admin area which allows you to limit how far in advance your clients can make an appointment:

The default setting is Unlimited, with the option to change this to 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months or 12 months. If a limit is set here, clients will not be offered appointments which are further into the future than the setting. For example, if set to 3 months, clients will not be offered appointments which are more than 3 months into the future from the date on which they are searching.

You can read more about online booking limits here.


Episode markers added to Client views

The episode markers present on the Clients -> Recent tab have also now been added to the by source, third party, tag, first name, surname and responsible user tabs:

This should help identify clients with open, closed or no episodes when using these views.

Additional tools added to annotation toolbar

We've added further tools to the annotation toolbar within notes and assessments. These include:

Circle outline
Line measure
Filled rectangle
Straight line
Curved line

You can find out more about annotating images in notes and assessments and the options available here.

Annotations in assessments and backspacing to delete

When using annotations in assessments, using backspace in a text field immediately after marking the image was also deleting the last of the markings made. This has been improved, once you move away from the annotation field, the markings you have made won't be affected.

Third party mobile numbers added to the SMS dropdown

Third party mobile numbers are now available in the To dropdown when sending an sms from Create -> Message -> SMS. For any 3rd parties linked to your active client, if you have a mobile number entered for them within Settings -> 3rd Parties, you'll see this as an option.

Bug Fixes

Third party "coding" information was saving incorrectly if a colon was present in any "coding" fields set up under Fields -> Third Party Types. This in turn was causing an error on any invoices linked to the third party using that field. This has been fixed.

When viewing availability in Online Booking using the Airline style view, the appointment name displayed was that of the type within WriteUpp, and not the display name within the online booking admin area (if they were different). This has been resolved.

When editing the client summary, the source entered was being removed from the dropdown. This has been fixed.
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