In this weeks release, we're introducing the ability to customise by appointment type which treatments you'd like to take prepayment for. Providing greater flexibility in the options available to you, you can switch off the payment requirement for some appointment types while still requiring it for others. We've also tackled a few improvements and fixed some bugs! Here's what we've been up to:

New Feature

Ability to define online booking prepayment by appointment type

We've added a setting to the online booking admin area which allows you to define per appointment type whether prepayment is required, allowing you to choose which treatment types to take payment for at the time of booking!

The usual "payment required" option is still present within the Settings section of the online booking admin area:

If this setting has been turned on, an additional option will now be found for each of your appointment types under the Treatments section of the admin area:

If this switch is on, as shown above, payment will be required for any bookings using this type before the booking is finalised.

If this switch is turned off, payment will not be required as part of the booking process:

By default, payment will be switched on for each of your appointment types within online booking if you have indicated in Settings that payment is required. If there are appointment types that you don't want or need to take payment for, you can quickly and easily switch this off within the Treatments menu by accessing each appointment type.

The Payment switch under each individual treatment type will only appear if the payment option under Settings in the online booking admin area has been turned on, and if Square (or Stripe) has been connected. If you don't see the payment switch for a treatment type, please click on Settings from the online booking menu and check that the Payment option here has been switched on. If you don't see the payment option under Settings, please check your connection to Square (or Stripe).

If you take any combination of prepayments via online booking, you might want to add this information to the welcome text on your online booking homepage so that clients are aware of this. You could also add any payment requirements to the information on each treatment type if you switch this on. The choice is yours!

You can read more about online booking prepayments here.


Deleting an invoice and the next available invoice number

If an invoice is deleted and no other invoices with a higher number have been created, the deleted invoice number will be released and will be reused for the next saved invoice. This will help to prevent gaps in your invoice numbers if you need to delete an invoice in order to reissue it with a change to the line item.

For example, if you create an invoice with the number 505 and then realise you need to make a change, delete invoice number 505 that's just been created. The next invoice number will be automatically reset to 505 again (because it no longer exists), as long as no other invoices have been created since 505 was originally created. Create your invoice again with the required changes, and once saved, you'll see that the new invoice has the number 505.

If you or anyone else on your team has created invoices with a higher number than the one deleted, you won't be able to reuse the same number. To use the above example again, if you create invoices with the numbers 505 and 506 and then delete 505, the next invoice number will still be 507. 505 won't be reused as a higher number of invoice already exists. 505 and 506 would need to both be deleted in order to release 505 to be reused.

Ability to verify by SMS when using the WriteUpp app

When logging into the WriteUpp app with two-factor authentication enabled, we've added the ability to verify by SMS instead of using your authenticator app. This should provide an alternative pathway for logging into the app if you are having problems with the device linked to your authenticator app.

When logging into the app, after entering your username and password on screen, you'll now see the verify by SMS option at the bottom of the verification screen on Apple devices:

And on Android devices:

This is available on a new version of the app, so please keep an eye out for v3.1.1 in the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Please bear in mind that verifying by SMS when logging into WriteUpp will use SMS credits, with 1 credit used per code sent. This method of verification should be used as a backup option to the code generated by an authenticator app.

ISC code added

The ISC code "PKG02579" has been added to the list available under Fields -> ISC:

Changes to appointment type tracked in the appointment history

Changes made to the appointment type are now tracked in the appointment history for each session:

Bug fixes

The WUID and Responsible columns were not included on the CSV download of the Recall List. This has been fixed.

If the multiple location setting within WriteUpp was disabled, the additional locations were still displayed on the online booking search result page. This has been removed along with the locations option in the admin area, if multiple locations are not enabled.
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