This WriteUpp release introduces the PhysiTrack integration, implements a warning regarding browser compatibility for video consultation and fixes a small bug relating to who joins a video consultation first. Here's what we've been up to:

New feature

PhysiTrack Integration

This integration connects the popular exercise software platform, Phyistrack, with WriteUpp. When combined with our Video Consultation platform, you can treat your patients remotely and send them home exercise programs to aid their recovery.


There are two setup steps that you'll need to address before you can get up and running with prescribing exercise programs from within WriteUpp:
A Site administrator will first of all need to enable the PhysiTrack Integration
Each clinician who would like to use the PhysiTrack integration will then need to connect their WriteUpp login to their PhysiTrack login

Using the PhysiTrack Integration

Once setup is complete, an Open in PhysiTrack option will be added to the active patient dropdown. Clicking on "Open in PhysiTrack" will open the patient in PhysiTrack, allowing you to seamlessly prescribe an exercise program for them. Once an exercise program has been assigned and sent to the patient, the details will be saved as a PDF to the files tab of the patient summary, giving you visibility within WriteUpp of what you have prescribed.

You can learn all about using the integration here.


Browser compatibility warning for video consultation

When launching a video consultation, there are certain system and browser requirements for the platform, which you can read about here. If WriteUpp detects any incompatibility with the system and browser combination used to access the video consultation, a message will be displayed on screen for both clinician and client.

Bug fix

In some cases, if a client joined a video consultation before the clinician did, the clinician wasn't advised on screen that they had arrived. This has been fixed.
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