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Removing verification codes through iCloud keychain

If you need to remove the 2FA verification codes linked to your WriteUpp account from your iCloud keychain, you can do this by accessing the information stored in your keychain on your Apple device.

Please don't delete the verification information unless you have deactivated two factor authentication on your WriteUpp account to ensure you can still log in

If you would like to remove the verification information:

On a mobile device (iPhone/iPad), tap on Settings -> Password; or on a mac, open System Preferences -> Passwords

Use your Apple details to access your password information

Find your WriteUpp account details in the list

Tap or click on Edit at the top of the information

On a mobile device, tap on the red icon to the left of the current verification code, and tap Delete. When prompted, tap on Delete Verification Code, and the field will be removed from your saved information

On a mac, click on Delete Verification Code and when prompted, Delete Verification Code again, then Save to confirm the change. You should then no longer see verification code information on your screen

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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