In this weeks release, we've added the ability to copy fields within the form builder and made improvements to how both gender and ethnicity are handled on the client summary. We've also added an authorisation code field to Healthcode submissions for UK users and added a couple of new supported file types for attachments, amongst some other small improvements, and fixed a bug affecting the app. Read on to find out more!

New features

Ability to reuse fields within the form builder

When building form templates, we've introduced the ability to "import" a field from another of your custom forms when adding new fields to a form.

You'll see a new Import option after selecting Add New Field + in the form builder:

Choosing Import will open a list of your custom assessment forms:

And clicking on the name of a form will allow you to view the fields it contains:

Click on the line containing the field you'd like to import, and the selected field will then be added to your form template.

Importing fields is covered in more detail here:

Importing fields in the form builder


Ability to customise Gender fields

We've made a change to the way the Gender field works within WriteUpp. When editing the client summary, you'll now see a dropdown option for Gender, instead of the previous tick boxes:

Any custom Gender options that had previously been entered by you against any of your clients have been added to this dropdown for you, and will remain in place against those clients.

To customise the options in this dropdown, site administrators will see a Gender Fields option within Main Menu -> Fields. Again any previously used custom options have been added already:

To add further choices for gender, click on +Add at the top of the list. Existing options can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon at the end of a row.

You can find more information on customising the gender options here:

Customising Gender options

Healthcode users
If you use Healthcode, the only gender options that Healthcode will accept as part of a submission are male or female. This means that if you submit an invoice for a client whose gender is recorded as something other than male or female, you will need to choose one of these on the Healthcode link screen to be able to submit the invoice. This is unfortunately out of our control. Changing the gender to male or female for the purposes of submitting an invoice to Healthcode will not then update the gender on the client summary to ensure the recorded gender is retained.

Ability to customise Ethnicity options

We've also added the ability to change what options you have available within the Ethnicity dropdown of the client summary and the Ethnicity smart field in forms. As above, site administrators will see an option for Ethnicity Fields within Main Menu -> Fields:

From here, you can add new ethnicity options at the top of the list by clicking on +Add or edit a current entry by choosing the pencil icon at the end of the row.

Further information on customising the ethnicity options can be found here.

A new version of the WriteUpp app is required to accomodate the above changes to gender and ethnicity. Please keep an eye out for app v3.0.6 in both the Apple and Google Play stores shortly!

Appointment types retained in the appointment modal once deleted

To make it clearer when appointments have been booked with a type that has since been deleted, these will still show in the appointment details popup, tagged with (deleted):

Add to your calendar option within online booking

The Add to your calendar button that is presented to clients once an online booking is confirmed has been updated and now includes a wider range of supported calendars. Clients will be able to click on Add to your calendar once their appointment is confirmed:

Then select their calendar from the list displayed:

They'll then be taken to their chosen calendar to confirm and save the details.

Authorisation code field added for Healthcode submissions

A field has been added to the Healthcode link screen when submitting invoices to Healthcode to allow an authorisation code to be submitted:

This is an optional field and is not required unless it has been requested by the insurer. A maximum of 50 characters can be submitted in this field.

Practice variables added to all VAR dropdowns

When composing notes, documents and messages, the Practice and User variables were not included in the VAR dropdown. These were only available in the dropdown when creating templates. We've now added these to the VAR dropdown across the board.

.wav and .csv file upload support

Both .wav and .csv files can now be uploaded as attachments to the client summary.

Filters added to Client Summary -> Messages

Date, Status and Type filters have been added to the Messages tab of the Client Summary. These can be used to search for communications that were sent between or on particular dates, or to look for messages of a certain status or type:

Changes to Headings and Helper Text within Assessment views

Headings and helper text within assessment views have been modified in order to differentiate them from question and answer text. Headings will now display in the same size as was chosen when building the template, in line with what you see when completing an assessment. Helper text will now be surrounded by a border and appear in italic text. These changes will be apparent when viewing a locked assessment or assessments in list view, the PDF attached when you email an assessment, printed assessments or assessments generated as part of an access request.

Bug fixes

The Recent Clients tab in the app didn't always contain all of the recent clients shown under the Main menu -> Clients -> Recent. This has been fixed.
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