In the first release of 2020, we have been busy adding some changes that have been requested over time and sorting some bugs that were in the system. Here's what we've been up to over the festivities:

New Feature

"Title" field added to patient summary

To allow you to add a "Title" to a patient in WriteUpp, we have added the following field to the patient summary:

You can free type a salutation of your choice (up to 6 characters) into this field.

If populated, this will display in the "Name" field of the patient summary:

You will find a corresponding variable for this field so that you can include this in your documents:


Small changes to the 'Log in' screen

If you use the “Log on” link via the site you will now see that this has been shifted slightly to the left in the header, as below:

Whether you login via or your unique practice URL you will be taken to a new login screen that looks like this:

To be 100% clear, these changes ONLY relate to and have no impact on what you will see once you have logged in to the WriteUpp application.

Year & month displayed beside "Age" in patient summary

Following feedback from those users that work with paediatric patients, you will now see the year and month beside "Age" in the patient summary:

This is the only place in WriteUpp that this information will be displayed. If you use the "Age" variable in documents, only the "Year" will be populated.

Improved notifications if an email fails to send

You now have the option to be notified if a triggered email has failed to send. By "Triggered email" we are referring to those emails that are related to appointment communications. To activate this click on Your user name -> Manage -> Triggered email failed:

and then select how you would like to be notified.

If the email fails to send, the notification will look like this:

If you're trying to send an email not related to an appointment and the email address has generated a hard bounce or has been marked with a spam complaint, you will now see this message:

If a direct message fails to send, you will see this message:

In order to resolve a hard bounce on an email address, please contact the team at If this is found to be a spam complaint, your client will have to contact their email provider to have this removed or provide you with an alternative email address.

Bug Fixes

Some reports were exporting to Excel/CSV with the wrong name. This has been fixed.
Online booking wasn't displaying who an appointment was with when searching for an appointment. This has been fixed.
When patients were searching for an appointment in online booking via "Team" an incorrect appointment type was being selected. This has been addressed.
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