In our last update before the holiday period, we have been working on tying off some loose ends prior to the New Year. This release contains a handful of small improvements and bug fixes, before we turn our attention to bringing you a whole host of new features in 2021 to help streamline your practice. Here's what we've been up to:


More visible Credits/Minutes applied

We've added a new confirmation message when purchasing SMS credits or video minutes. Once your bundle has been purchased, you'll see the below message on screen:

Clicking on the cross at the top right of this message will close it down and return you to the Account tab of Settings, where you'll see the credits or minutes applied to your balance.

There's no need to update your subscription when purchasing credits or minutes, as these are separate transactions processed as and when you require to top up with either. If you do click on Update Subscription, you'll receive a couple of emails regarding your subscription being cancelled and re-set up, but your normal monthly payments will continue on their usual date.

Prompt when exiting the Form Builder if unsaved changes are detected

We've added a new prompt to the form builder when you click on Exit, which detects if any unsaved changes have been made to your form template:

Clicking on Ok will save and publish your changes, clicking on Cancel will discard these and return you to your assessment collection. This should help ensure that any changes you make to your forms are published for use with your clients.

Removed the ability to delete the default appointment status

It's not longer possible to delete the default appointment status. If you attempt to do this, you'll see a message on screen:

If you'd like to remove the default status, please first of all select another status as the default. The previous one can then be deleted if required.

Change to the video consultation Start Call button

We've made a small change to the video consultation Start Call button to make it clearer once the client's browser has connected to yours, to let you know that the call can begin.

If you open the video waiting room before the client has joined, this button will be grey:

Once the client has arrived and the connection has been made, you'll see this on screen and the Start Call button will be blue:

Bug fixes

When updating expense templates to a 0% VAT rate, the Saved Expenses Items list was still displaying the VAT and Total per Unit based on the previous rate. This has been fixed.
If your WriteUpp subscription is paid for via PayPal, you may have noticed multiple payment receipts being displayed within Settings -> Account -> Show payment history for your last payment. These were duplicates of the same payment and the duplicates have now been removed.
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