In this week's release, we've made some changes to the portal that your clients access when completing smart forms online. This is the first step towards a number of new features and improvements to this area that we hope will streamline the pre-appointment pathway for you and your clients. We've also made a small change to the email content sent alongside a direct message or smart form, and addressed some small bugs. Here's what we've been up to:


Changes to the smart forms portal

Ahead of changes due to be implemented in the not too distant future, we've tweaked the smart forms portal to improve what your clients see when completing online forms. As part of this, we've improved the responsiveness of the forms to accommodate the wide variety of screen sizes that clients might use. The layout that clients see will change depending on the device they use. For example, on smaller screens, split view layouts will default to full width throughout instead. Additionally, multiple choice options will be displayed vertically as standard, rather than horizontally (if selected).

The improved visuals within the online portal will also be present when a client views a direct message you've sent them.

Direct message and smart form email content

We've also made a small change to the content of the email sent containing a link to a direct message or smart form. This should hopefully make it clearer that the link should be clicked to generate the SMS access code. The email now reads:

If any clients report that they have not received the SMS access code, please first of all confirm with them that they have clicked the link in the email. If they report that they have, please drop Team WriteUpp a message with the clients email address and mobile number and we can take a look for you!

Ordering within the list of email addresses associated with a client

Previously the ordering of this list was based on the type associated with the contact (client/relationship to client/type of third party). It will now be displayed consistently in the following order:
Next of kin
Third party

Bug Fixes

When using Firefox, the "Unable to connect to the server" message was appearing more regularly than usual. This has been corrected.
Again when using Firefox, when creating a new trigger using the event 'Reminder', the dropdown Event box was reverting to Booking - Single. This has been fixed.
Double clicking the email button when sending emails from WriteUpp was sending multiple identical emails to a client. We've added measures to prevent this button from being double clicked to stop this from happening.
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