In this release, we're delighted to be launching a new integration with Square, one of the world's leading payment providers. This exciting new partnership provides not only the ability to take online payments from your clients, but also introduces fully integrated card payments when using the Square card terminal (purchased separately) with WriteUpp. With flexible options including the ability to take a quick card payment directly from the appointment in your diary, this fantastic new partnership provides flexible omni-channel payments to maximise your cash flow and streamline your reconciliation processes.

We've also improved appointment navigation in online booking and the loading of documents, and fixed a couple of bugs. Here's what we've been up to:

New features

Square integration

Available to our UK based users, the Square integration provides you with a number of contactless payment pathways to use with your clients. You can:

Take integrated in person card payments for appointments or invoices
Take prepayments when an online booking is made
Accept online invoice payments

Integrated card payments

Pair a Square terminal to WriteUpp and generate a payment request directly from the appointment in your diary or from an already created invoice. Allowing clients to pay using contactless cards, chip and pin and both Apple Pay and Google Pay, the terminal will tell WriteUpp once a payment has completed and mark the associated invoice as paid for you:

Taking in person payments using the Square terminal

Generating a quick payment from the appointment in the diary will also create an invoice as part of the process, meaning no need to manually generate one before your client pays:

Quick card payments using the Square terminal

Online booking prepayments

Switch on prepayments within online booking to limit the time you spend dealing with payments post treatment, by capturing them in advance:

Online booking prepayments with Square

Online invoice payments

Provide clients with a way to pay online in their own time, either before or after a session, eliminating the need to handle cash in clinic:

Online invoice payments with Square

You can find out more about Square and the integration here, and about how to connect WriteUpp and Square here.

If you don't already have a Square account, you can sign up for one here.

You can read all about Square in our dedicated help centre section, and for a step by step walkthrough on how to get up and running with Square, check out the Guide to the Square integration. Or get in touch with the team, we'd be delighted to help!


Improvements to appointment selection in online booking

We've improved navigation within online booking to ensure that if a client uses their browser back button whilst mid booking to change their selected slot, the slot is updated and carried through their booking. Previously if a new slot was chosen, the original slot was not overwritten and continued to be displayed in the booking information.

In addition to this, we've added a new message if a client selects an appointment which is no longer available, for example if it has been booked by someone else in the meantime:

And greyed out the slot when they return to the availability view:

HEIC support when uploading attachments

HEIC image files can now be uploaded as attachments to the client summary. HEIC is the file format name for images taken on an Apple device, with the Camera -> Formats setting at "High Efficiency".

Improvements to Stripe error messages for payments requiring additional verification

For Stripe payments that fail when SCA has been required, we'll now display a more specific error to the client. This does depend on what comes back from the payment provider, but replaces the more generic 'There was a problem connecting to the payment provider' error:

Top tip - You should also be able to see information on failed payments by logging into your Stripe dashboard and checking the Payments tab. Information on the decline code returned by the bank will appear against the payment, and by clicking on the payment you should see further information if available:

Loading of documents

We've improved the loading of documents, after some reports of documents being saved as blank or "undefined".

This was due to draft documents being saved before the page had fully loaded. This might have been down to the save or send buttons being clicked really quickly after opening a draft document, or due to a slow internet connection causing the page to take a while to fully load.

Using any of the buttons before the content had loaded on screen was saving an "undefined" version of the document as the most recent. To combat this, the buttons at the foot of the screen will be disabled until the content has loaded. You'll see them greyed out:

Once the content of your document has fully loaded, the buttons will be available as usual.

This shouldn't take any longer than a second or two. If you are finding it takes longer than this, please check your internet connection speed. A slow internet connection may cause pages to be slower to load and therefore take longer for the buttons to be accessible.

Improvements to assessments exported as part of an access request

When exporting assessments as part of an access request, headings and helper text are now included on the exported PDF file.

Bug fixes

The default ordering when viewing a List was by WUID rather than by the date added to the list. This has been corrected and all lists will now order by default based on the date added to the list, earliest first. Ordering can be changed by clicking on a blue column heading to sort by that field.
When creating non-client appointments, some of the dropdown lists were not fully displaying all options, particularly the "With" options. This has been fixed and these now show in full.
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